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kambo + rape + sapo bufo alvarius + sananga
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:02:47 PM »
hello everyone...
first of all my name is jc; and im really new to kambo. ive been oing it for 3 sessions an the results were very good in every one of them...

my first treatment was because i was full of panema and i decideded to give a try to kambo because i felt like a calling about it; the reality it was that i became obsessed with kambo and suddenly it was kambo everywhere....

so i was really hesitating about  doing it. the shaman that applied to me is a master kambo practitioner thats really well recogniced in my city and she has been doing it for 13 years.

i know that i can ask her this but i also want to hear thought from people that have experienced the kambo usage.

the first time it was a cleansing with rapé + sananga + kambo; 21 dots (why 21?? because i requested it because im a practitioner of african magic an im a priest for more than 14 years in the spiritual path) and i need a really deep cleanse from the inside.

the first time i was purged from north and south, trowing up only yellow vile?? or bile? anyways... yellow stuff with mucus and with a really bitter flavor  and i felt my body after 35 mins of deep purge  being really different, like if all anger was ripped from me; i wanted an initiation in the kambo but belive me, one thing is to do spiritual cleansings an other is to put frog poison that may contain any kind of bacteria that could probably kill someone but it really doesnt... its more like an spiritual grandparent that helps to scan and track all kind of toxins and sickness inside your body.

i felt lighter and also my skin changed noticiably because everyone was telling my if i did something to my face because it look super smooth...???

the second time it was 9 days later an it was also a deep purge with rapé + sananga + 21 points  of kambo + 50mcg of bufo alvarius ceremony....
fuck!! this was really deep... i threw up a lot of bubbles an mucus an flems and first it was the yellow liquid, then the black vile or bile or whatever, and then more flems an i felt even more lighter...i threw up also like a black flem and i began to gain weight again...

wow, let me tell you that kambo is a really overwhelming medicine but im really knew an i like to learn from everyone about their experiences if they want.

an the third kambo session was yesterday; 15 days later... i decided to do again the kambo 21 dots because i was having really bad mood suddenly without a reason and a lot of headaches... so this time they applied only rapé an kambo

in every ceremony she used to burn palo santo...

this time i was purged again from north and south and i threw up dark green like clorophile color but very bitter also and i really felt better...

my question is how many does 21 dots of kambo effect last? and how many hours it remains in the body??

thank you very much for reading
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