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Intro - Benifits and experience so far
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:22:57 AM »
Hello Kambo Tribe,
First thanks for sharing your wisdom and teachings, I have learned so much just by reading this forum !!

About me. 29 years old. Male. Passionate about Health and Movement. *Feel free to ask me any questions on exercise or techniques to get rid of pain in your body through movement. Compassionate person. Current favorite plant medicines - San Pedro Cactus, Acacia Confusa, Kambo .....

Ok Yesterday was my fourth self administered Kambo session and I would just like to write about some of the benefits and effects that I have noticed.

1. Vibrant life energy and change in physical appearance. Looking at myself in the mirror I can see an electric glow in my skin. My eyes seem to be shining a radiant energy that represents fearlessness and love coming from the kambo spirit.

2. Preservation and appreciation of food. - I can eat less and feel more sustained. I believe this is due to my ability to more effectively process all nutrients that enter my body. After vomiting sitting there with my bottom jaw relaxed I can feel my tongue sinking to the bottom of my mouth and going down into my body. From there I can feel how my tongue is connected to my heart and possibly my intestines. I can feel that channel and I am really interested to learn more about meridians energy systems and the way organs function.

3. Increase in strength and physical capacity. I have been dedicated to movement arts ( handbalance, climbing , dance, parkour, cyr wheel, strength training ect ) as a generalist for quite some time now. After my first application I noticed an increased ability to lift weight, hang and swing on bars, and handbalance ( handstands and variations ) . I found it interesting that I started all my dots on my left arm and that is where I felt the most dramatic increase in my strength.

To elaborate on point number 3, this increase in strength was not given to me automatically. I had to access it by channeling the warrior spirit with my eyes. When I would struggle through a normal movement or routine I would all of the sudden increase awareness through my eyes and feel a gently but strong warrior spirit like focus through my eyes that allowed me to control my body like never before.

4. Sense of direction improved. - After driving a friend home from work I took some uncharted paths that I would normally be scared to take without GPS. After the kambo I felt no fear in getting lost and was able to sense my way back home easily.

That is most of the things that I can thing of so far off the top of my head , but I would also like to add that I have seen the Kambo spirit in my dreams several times in the past week. And felt myself morph back into human form from frog while I was meditating in the tower with a Jade Stone on my stomach.