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Just another new member
« on: August 01, 2014, 03:36:24 am »
Hi all,

Burnmark here but for brevity feel free to use BM.

I can't say I have had lots of experience with healing, other than when i was sick I always left my body to heal itself, giving it the best help I can get.  I consider myself as much of a newbie as they come to traditional medicines.

I have been reading about Kambo, Iboga and other medicines for a long time now.  Even experimenting with them.  Iboga is one thing I researched for over 3 years until I did a flood dose which was a remarkable experience.  It was hell, had it's great moments but ultimately it helped me to get rid of a bad case of Pride and sense of entitlement which was affecting many aspects of my life, and my happiness negatively.

Now I'm feeling called to Kambo, hoping to gain benefits I would otherwise be missing without it.  My hopes are that it helps me to get rid of a headache I often get, that I suspect is the result of prolonged bad posture when using the computer (iboga alerted me to this cause).  This posture is something I recently corrected and have reduced/controlled the headache much better but I really want to get rid of it once and for all.   Not just numb it away, but actually get rid of it, improve circulation to my head and heal any nerve that may be damaged as well.  I've read psylocibin is good for cluster headaches but I'm keeping that as a last option due to the fact that it's not legal where I live and I currently don't have a sitter.  Mine is not exactly a cluster headache anyway.

Another health issue I have is that I easily get colds.  Last winter I spent it in a cold from November till early March.  As soon as I inhale cold air I start getting sick.  I have been noticing since I recovered from the worst Influenza ever (Between December 2004 and january 2005) that I have part of my lungs that is very sensitive to cold and that seems to be causing me trouble.  it's like something is clogged in there (like solidified mucus or something) that gets my body to go crazy at the first chill. I can't even smell a cigarette from afar in winter because that's sure to cause me a cold.  Because of the condition I can't even exercise or enjoy a walk.  I would exercise in summer but that headache thing gets in the way too.  I miss the days I could keep fit a lot :(

Yesterday I dipped my feet in the Kambo sea, so to speak.  It was nothing more than a little trial to gain experience.  I had to learn how to form the globules from scratch and so on.  That wasn't that hard.  What got me confused was the burns as I couldn't figure if the burn was deep enough or not.  I attempted 3 burns, the first one of which got me confused so I kept buring and burning until I couldn't feel the hot bamboo stick against it, which got me to think "I guess that's deep enough".   I am a very white skinned guy and I couldn't notice any difference between burned skin and normal skin.  I guess that will come with practice.  Not all burns were equal.  One was bid and deep, the second one was acceptable but smaller, the other one didn't even matter.  I had some effects (swelling underneath the eyes, fever...) but didn't purge, even though I felt like I really wanted to vomit.

So that's basically where I am.  Humble beginnings and too eager to play with fire. :)

Other interests I have are dream plants and lucid dreaming.  I remember being a natural lucid dreamer up until my late teens and I would like to regain that back, and perhaps make it better.  Dream plants are a relatively new area of study for me though and research seems to be scarce at the moment.

I also love chickens a lot.  And camels.  And dragonflies.  And whales.  I love all nature but chickens are really close to my heart. :)  I like women too BTW.

At last, I'd like to thank all of you here for the information you're making available.  This forum is a great learning tool.  See you around.
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Re: Just another new member
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2019, 05:43:46 am »
It's a really good story. That I have read the content of this website that provides useful knowledge.

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Re: Just another new member
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2019, 06:45:25 pm »
Sorry for the late reply. You can take small amounts of mushrooms, and it should relieve your headaches. Exercise is great for health, even when you're sick. A lot of people are afraid to exercise when sick. When burning with the kambo get past the first layer of skin, so that with water or spit you can easily scratch the layer of dead skin off for the whole of the burn.

Datura seeds are good for vivid dreaming, Take like 3-5. Then 10. Nicotine patches are great for vivid dreaming. You may want to use a quarter of one or a half. A lot of them are created for people that smoke like 2 packs a day or something. Galantamine on amazon and ebay is good too. If you combine the 3 you'll really get some crazy dreams.
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Re: Just another new member
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2020, 02:36:59 am »
I'm new here too!


EDIT: Nice to see new members, but is there a reason you're spamming the forum with casino game links with your first post?
You've been issued a warning through the forum, you will see.
I removed your links and PMed / DMed them to you so you don't lose anything that you might've considered important.
You can explain why..? Or your post and account is subject to ban.
This forum is important; And also moderated and filtered of bullshit when necessary.
I never mean to be excessively rude, but I have limited time to contribute here, I'd prefer to use it in a more meaningful way.
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