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an end to the space between
« on: November 25, 2012, 02:56:02 pm »
i like the idea of this section.


now if you don't mind let me deconstruct the prejudices, "facts to convince left brainers" first i realize this is not intended as an insult but more of a humorously slanted honest opinion.

the initial problem seems to be left brainers usually are hungry for the information to be reconstituted into a more digestible form for their (initially) left brained perspective.

the way in witch, we play with the words we choose to use, allows us to construct mental "water slides" that once the left brainers start reading are lulled into a sense of left brained comfort and they get right to the end and at the end their right brain starts filling in gaps ware the left brain only understood half the meaning of each word.

this is how you spoon feed them out of the 3rd dimensional hell, and DISMANTLE the barricade between dimensions.

for me, not one voice or direction, but the MULTITUDE of dimensionality seems to be screaming at the top of their lungs in every language they can directly into the center of my existence that, those who discredit "spoon feeding" or advise against doing so, are likely those who don't truly understand the ramifications of their actions and choices.

i have come to understand that what is often classified as "spoon feeding" is actually one of the highest forms of love, yes pain and discomfort are also higher forms of love, but you have to understand that their are multiple reasons for witch spoon feeding is greatly valuable for the present, past, and future community and individuals, first off, baby steps, you start them off spoon feeding and before you know it they are spoon feeding you from inside a higher dimension THIS IS HOW IT WORKS set the example EXPECT to be surpassed by those you consider below yourself.

furthermore if spoon feeding leads to you doing everything for them, soon, they will stop wanting to take part, for some misguided illusory sense of fear of losing self identity because they are just watching it happen and have no say, no glory for them to learn and grow to feel they themselves made the growth occur, these individuals are not ready to come up right away, they must be coaxed into thinking they are making the steps of their own free will and no other person is giving them the first push forward, pain and discomfort come in right about now this is when these two forces when used in secrecy and ignorant on the recipients part of the senders true intentions allows the recipient to grow, because the recipient must feel threatened by ordinary attacks on their illusory sense of self identity and must learn to stand up and bite back before they no longer must rely on pain and discomfort to grow, baby steps, always.

pain and discomfort are among the highest forms of love, because you cannot know what you were squandering till its gone, because you genuinely had yourself convinced you HAD it.

but you never have anything because if you think you have something you are INCAPABLE of adequately appreciating its temporary luxury.

a few of the extremely old incarnations of the atlantis story involve the "group" being wiped out because they became selfish and decided to not (through direct or otherwise) methods attempt to bring the left brainers, onto the higher planes.

we have the opportunity to prevent this from happening again, all we have to do is use left brain methods to teach them right brained principals, if you don't think this is a simple task, then your right brain is not working at full capacity yet(you have not allowed it to dance with your left adequately) your being logically faithful in your right brain wile the people you refuse to help are faithfully logical in their left brained approach... you see what i am getting at here?   

from my perspective using either method to teach either side any principal is as simple as pouring a cup of tea.

if they CAME from left brained background and your right brained, then when they (and they inevitably will) surpass you in particular aspects then if you made attempts from your right brain before this happens to reach out and teach them right brained principals with left brained language, then you will have SET THE EXAMPLE for them to return the favor forever, and we will spiral as yin and yang forever in infinity upwards and onwards TO THE FARTHEST REACHES, time and space do not apply, their are things to be considered beyond infinite to the power of infinite dimensions LETS GET DANCING.

eventually for everyone the conductor calls "allll abooooard" and even if your not on board, your still coming along, until you get on board.

if you don't face all fears and forgive all trespasses (past, present, future), then your negativity will consume you, you will be pulled by hooks through heels through the sands behind the train, the relief of death is a hoax, the pain keeps getting worse exponentially, your physical body just decomposes, eventually you start adapting to the pain and growing, and then you get bored of the pain, its not fun to play with when you have won that game infinite times over, so you pull the hooks from your heels and climb the chains onto the back of the train, and at this moment you become aware of what is going on, and for a time you stay upset, on the back of the train negatively cursing those who made it off the desert floor before you "i cannot believe you all just left me their , wile you were living THIS on the train" and eventually they let go of the fun of playing with this negativity as well, and FORGIVE. then they slowly make their way to the front of the train, and at the front, their are individuals without pain, fear, discomfort, and all transgressions forgiven, these individuals have time frozen, and wile riding the front of the train, are laying the tracks in front of the train for it to travel upon.

the hooks through heels are achilles heels (your weaknesses) even the things you have not yet categorized as weaknesses yet, and when these have all been conquered and become massive strengths is when you start climbing the chains to begin on the back of the train.