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Application / Re: How to do a test "Dot"
« Last post by maxkat on May 13, 2020, 07:46:42 am »
Reply to myself for this post.

After reading some more I decided to take the below test steps whre my spouse helped.

Cut of pieces of the burnstick so the width is about 1/2 the size of a "normal" dot. (make smaller burn for test)
Prepare a small amount of venom.
Test the venom without a dot on the skin.
Maken the smaller dot (burn and scrape dead skin) and put the venom in the dot.
When finished I applied the Dragons Blood for better healing.

I guess that if someone is allergic even a small amount would point that out. Seems that I am not allergic  :)

Now exactly knowing what kind of sensations to look for I felt a slight uncomftable feeling and some tingeling in the arm. The skin around the dot was a little irritated (slightly swollen) and I could feel it that afternoon/evening (seems logical after a burn).   

Test succeed  ;)

Application / How to do a test "Dot"
« Last post by maxkat on May 11, 2020, 06:32:46 am »
Hello guys,

Nice forum you have here wit a lot of useful information.

I have my first Kambo set coming in. I planned my first ceremony but it was cancelled dua to Corona and now I decided to have a go at it myself. A lot of info I was able to gather from the forum but for now the handeling of the test dot is a question. i could be that simple as just make a single dot with someone to help out if needed (allergic reaction). Looks like that but you know, I am pretty Noob still so big chance thast I need to think of some thing.

So these items I can think of :

Do I need to be sober? Sober as in the way that I do the test on a empty stomach? (excuse my English)

How are the time frames, do I test one day an if everthing is ok for 24hr (example) do a session the next day?

How big a dot do I make? I ordered a Kambo set with the sticks and the Dragon Blod from Maya. is it ok to use the specific stick and press it 3 seconds to get the right dot for a test? (scrape the dead skin after).
I estimate that for a test I dont need to drink the 2L of water.

For estimating the amount of venom I was thinking of using 2 drops of water and scrape a test dosage. Woudl that be a good amount or maybe one drop?

Hope you experts can give me some guidance, thanks in advance!   :D

Leaf Only

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Introductions / Re: Newbie from Switzerland
« Last post by blackst on April 27, 2020, 06:19:32 am »

Is a website that has very interesting information
Complementary Modalities / Re: Hot & Cold Therapy
« Last post by Besfiord on April 23, 2020, 06:27:55 am »
This is a forum. Knowledge Store I do not know where to find it.
Video / Re: Mind of Plants (Documentary)
« Last post by Sompongjin on April 22, 2020, 09:03:23 am »
The article is very useful.
Introductions / Re: Ayahuasca Retreats
« Last post by Sompongjin on April 22, 2020, 09:02:18 am »
It's a very interesting story.
Introductions / Re: Newbie from Switzerland
« Last post by ―λlτεrηιτγ- on April 13, 2020, 05:52:03 am »
Yes, and a lot of times after having applied the burns, I feel like, where did the all the water go that I drank?
It feels like it's dissapeared deeply into the body, so I force myself to drink more water down during the ordeal, to help with the purging.

On the other hand, I have fears and sadness that come up and I don't yet understand what is going on inside me
I hear that my friend.

Best regards.
Supplements / Re: Lithium
« Last post by ―λlτεrηιτγ- on April 09, 2020, 12:11:04 am »

TL;DR [Too Long; Didn't Read]
Lithium was the original "up" ingredient in 7-UP soda
Greek physicians thousands of years earlier were treating mental disorders with mineral water now thought to be high in lithium.
when lithium does work, it is a wonderful thing. Suicidal depression and mood swings relieved within the week. To this day, lithium is one of the few medications proven to decrease the risk of suicide.
When rats are given lithium-laced or lithium-free food for 6 weeks, the lithium-dosed rats had less arachidonic acid, and more 17-OH DHA, which is an anti-inflammatory metabolite of the fish oil, DHA. 17-OH DHA seems to inhibit all sorts of inflammatory proteins in the brain.
Interestingly enough, lithium has been shown to be the only effective drug (at least to slow the progression down) in another inflammatory, progressive, and invariably fatal neurotoxic disease, ALS, which is also known as Lou Gerhig's disease (2), and lithium is being studied in HIV, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Seems that counties with higher lithium levels in the water had a statistically significant decrease in the incidence of homicide, suicide, arrests for opiates and cocaine, and violent criminal behavior. Now to put things into perspective, a high lithium water content translates to about 2mg of lithium a day. Pharmacologic psychiatric doses typically start at 300mg daily.
Furthermore, lithium has been found to [improve] distractibility... and produce improvement of selective attention to stimuli... it prevents behavioral alterations owing to social isolation, lowers [aggressive behavior] owing to confinement...and causes a normalization of spontaneous motor activity.
In another paper studying lithium in the Japanese water supply, human longevity increased with the amount of trace lithium in the water.
the addition of a bit of lithium to the matrix will decrease the overall sodium gradient in the brain, decreasing neuroxicity, and increasing the efficiency of brain energetics. From the Japanese drinking water, lithium, and suicide study:
"It can be speculated that very low but very long lithium exposure can enhance neurotrophic factors, neuroprotective factors and/or neurogenesis."
On the negative side, Swedish researchers tested thyroid effects of trace lithium in the water in some villages in the Peruvian Andes. Some of these villages had some 10-20X the natural lithium in the food and water of the Japanese subjects, up to a maximum of 30mg daily (which is, of course, within an order of magnitude of the pharmacologic dose of 300mg).  They found that lithium in the water seemed to decrease active thyroid hormone levels and increase thyroid stimulating levels—lithium as a medicine will tend to cause hypothyroidism.
side effects: lithium is toxic to the thyroid and kidneys (and heart in high amounts), causes weight gain, is fatal in overdose
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