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Journals / Ordeals / Re: advice highly apreciated
« Last post by Jain on June 21, 2021, 05:14:40 am »
Did you ever find out the cause of this?

What was the outcome?
General Discussion / Breathing Complications after session
« Last post by Legreenmachine on June 10, 2021, 03:56:23 am »
Greetings all,

So I’ve recently had a sit with a new practitioner. ( new for me, not new with her experience )
Everything was great with one major exception.
I’ve been experiencing difficulty breathing  since, I didn’t notice this immediately after , but perhaps on the second or third day after. Been going on since..about 6 days now.
Here’s the part : The Placement was on the chest - sternum area. It felt intuitively right, until this happened and of course I’m questioning why😔
Facilitator thinks nothing to worry about- that it’s likely energetic.
Does anyone have any thoughts on what could of happened?
I’m thinking I might need to get some medica attention ,  explaining the kambo part could be a bit of a challenge, I esp considering I’m in Thailand

Thanks all
Precautions / Re: some questions for my first experience
« Last post by ―λlτεrηιτγ- on May 28, 2021, 06:58:22 am »
hey, I read this when you posted. How'd it go?
Yeahhh, a bit dormant right. Wish more of the visitors would sign up and post;
Users as well - many users visit that're registered and don't post.
It's also a job for me to remove spam. Many nonsensical posts with links in their signatures for bs spam - online "casino" websites for example.
Most of my activity here is behind the scenes, but I try my best to check in daily, like I do email, or a social site.
I'm pretty much the only administer active to run the site, at the moment, unfortunately.
It's a bit sad, cause I'd like any subjects of the site to be active. There's many subjects that can be communicated about here.

Best regards!
Precautions / Re: some questions for my first experience
« Last post by SVibesRREF on May 20, 2021, 04:45:44 pm »
Going on my first solo journey tonight at 9PM! Thanks everyone for your answers to these questions, as they have helped me decide how to go about things. Fasting for 8 hours. Starting with 1 dot at 830 and assuming I am not allergic I will go for the full 3 at 9. I will be burning mapacho and have taken Sananga, 1 drop in each eye a few hours ago to clear bad panema. I will mix some mapacho with water and sniff if I have any blockages, to help me purge. But only if needed. Otherwise I will just be burning it as incense. Thanks again, everyone! I know this forum is basically dormant but the knowledge already posted was plenty to answer any questions I may have had. My wife will be with me in case there are any issues, for my safety.
That is very interesting! I just recently learned that not everyone has an inner monologue. Mine is pretty impossible to stop to the point to where I am almost constantly having conversations and debates within my head. It is not anything like schizophrenia, as the voice(s) that I hear are clearly my own, coming from my own mind, not as if from some external source. I sometimes will even have full blown conversations with myself out load. I wonder if having or not having this inner monologue would be beneficial or not when setting an intention; whether with kambo or any other ally. One thing I was wondering though. I do wish to lose my appetite for meat, as I raise my own sustainable livestock, and have spent a lot of time and effort into my setup, as I am very against any sort of advantage or abuse being taken of any meat I ingest. So I guess my question is, are there certain elements, such as the propensity to cut back on meat (even not enjoying at all anymore), that will manifest regardless? I will be administering myself, with my lady as a sitter, sometime in the next few days, and I am just trying to get all of my ducks in a row. It will be my first journey with kambo.
Internet Security / Re: Internet Security Walk-Through v3.1
« Last post by ―λlτεrηιτγ- on May 01, 2021, 11:25:40 pm »
f yous send me Bitcoin,
(Bitcoin address: 89yHp9qwh8rSjsJgEz8E4dgmdj7TvWL4S6DRi7kJKSPbUiij1tbGaDPKpMJ1wfDZ573qPDY2EshbaZFnJRCwWnEf8bKFpqN)
or especially MobileCoin,which Signal supports MobileCoin, a decentralized network. MobileCoin is built off Monero, which is secure but written with crappy code. If you's send some cryptocurrencies to support of my Internet Security book, I'll rewrite the entire book, add more content.

I have no time to work on this, between going to the gym, reading, watching internet security podcasts, and setting up an eBay business to sell stuff on. So looking for some support to motivate me.

I'm also gonna write a book on beautifying linux with and making it more aesthetically pleasing, and installing useful programs / applications.


"Internet Security Book updates
Install permissive Tails Linux onto Micro-SD for a for a USB Drive.
Find and learn to use a Metadata removal tool.

JavaScrypt is insecure a JavaScript click play extension.

Decentralized VPNs
Element Messenger on the [matrix] network - private and secure
Encrypted Hard drives
Do Not Track track Requests
Block all cookies (especially third-party Cookies)
Session Messenger
Wire Messenger
Tor Browser
Firefox - with it hardened with settings and and Chromium extensions
UnGoogle Chromium and add extensions
(delete accounts you don't use, especially, compromised accounts accounts)
Install yay
Manjaro Linux
Garuda Linux (a fork off Manjaro Linux; Which was a fork / built off Arch Linux and uses built off Manjaro Linux)
hacked: (Amazon, Apple Touch and Facebook)
Change ports
Passwords: never use the same password twice
Reddit Internet-net Security Podcast
Keep Linux up-to-date, including WireGard
https::// (Change Passwords)
Session Messenger (that routes through the Tor network,a decentralized network, and it gives you a decentralized address, rather than Signal in which you have to share your phone number with other users.
Tor bridges and pluggable transports "
General Discussion / Re: Hashimotos - auto immune disease
« Last post by ―λlτεrηιτγ- on April 27, 2021, 09:57:12 pm »
Yes, there are herbs like Licorice, Astragulus, anGarlic are immune-stimulating herbs, They are auto-immune stimulating herbs; And Herbs like Chaga are immune-balancing tonics. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is an immune tonic. Astragalus boosts your immune systems natural defenses. Agaricus subrufescens, Cordyceps militaris, Flammulina elutipes, Ganoderma applanatum, Ganoderma - Reishi, Grifola frondosa, Lyophyllum decastes, Morchella spp., Phallinus impudicus, Polyporus umbellatus, Tramates betulina, Trametes versicolor, Tremella mesenterica are all immune-modulating medicinal mushrooms.
General Discussion / Hashimotos - auto immune disease
« Last post by Wookie on April 26, 2021, 03:36:06 am »
Hi all.

Has engine much evidence or experience of treating people with Hashimotos/ underactive thyroid?
Id like to know how often to tube treated and if its helping to cure the hormone in the thyroid balanced again through taking kambo. I'm seeking advice. Thank you
Precautions / Re: If you wanna be really safe...
« Last post by wdb2021 on April 18, 2021, 02:03:56 am »
Those spots will not disappear. You have to pay attention to it. If you ignore those spots It will spread and multiply so it is difficult to maintain.
General Discussion / Re: Treating animals with Kambo.
« Last post by wdb2021 on April 18, 2021, 02:01:16 am »
I understand that they are sick and will probably die. The matter of animal ethics? I think we can't come to conclusions at this point.
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