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San Pedro experience
« on: January 21, 2022, 09:04:08 PM »
A few weeks ago I had some 650mg San Pedro capsules and I took them two times the following are the two trip reports:

#1 for the first time I tried them I predosed by putting 5 drops ginger oil, 5 drops tangerine oil, 20-25 drops lemon oil and like 17 drops mandarin oil in gel capsules and swallowed them with the first bite of a half or full peanut butter sandwich then I drank one mouth full of milk then ate the rest of the sandwich then I drank the rest of the HALF GLASS of milk

Then I waited 20 minutes and swallowed one of the San Pedro capsules with a glass of water or juice

Then about 40 minutes later I felt a vibe that lasted for about 4-6 hours that felt VERY similar to a properly activated dose of basil essential oil or even closer to bufohuasca or 5MeOhuasca very warm and cozy and positive lots of finding stuff funny and laughing(I was able to masterbate) ZERO BAD VIBES THE WHOLE TIME PERFECT EXPERIENCE!

#2 the second time I took San Pedro capsules I just dosed them on an empty stomach with a glass of water I think and ... fucking terrible
Literally the second time it took 40 minutes to come up but this time it was VERY similar to a medium dose of ibogaine it made it impossible to masterbate and instead of laughing merrily about the ebs and flows of it this time when I didn't take it with the oils it was VERY HIGHLY DYSPHORIC(not my thing at all) it was NEARLY like I couldn't do ANYTHING AT ALL For like 4-6 hours while on it, like everything I did had to be casual as fuuuuuck or it would give me intense dysphoria(never again lol)

And that is my two mescaline experiences.

Feel free to share any experiences you guys and gals might have had good or bad.

Thank you for reading.