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Iboga The Ultimate Detox
« on: February 23, 2021, 04:44:01 AM »
We are suppliers of quality aged Iboga Rootbarks
Our Iboga Rootbarks are of age 8 years and above. We supply around the world.
Iboga helps in meditation and in the opening of the third eye.
Makes your path clear and focus.
Iboga is where Ibogaine is extracted form, that is used to treat Heroin Addiction and it is very effective.
Iboga is used for microdosing too since it contains alkaloids that are very effective and can help in good functioning of the brain.
Iboga has got other qualities too that are unique to this plant like it resets the mind and makes one to be new born or born again,
giving one a reason and a path to follow once we feel we are lost.
Iboga like any other psychedelic plant is dangerous when not consumed with directives and care.
We have got three types of quality Iboga Rootbarks:
-Powdered Iboga Rootbarks,
-Shredded Iboga Rootbarks and
-Pure Natural extracted Iboga Rootbarks.
These Iboga Rootbarks are well extracted with little or no inner wood.
Then they are well sunned under splendid temperature and weather conditions then they are packaged into plastic transparent sacs where they are
stored and made ready for shipment. Our prices are moderate and we give discounts to those who can purchase from 2kilograms and above.
You can reach out to us via this email address:
Here is our link:
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