Author Topic: Experience report : Kambo & suboxone  (Read 3788 times)

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Experience report : Kambo & suboxone
« on: August 10, 2019, 06:49:26 pm »
I have been using opiates, PEA's, alcohol, nicotine etc over my adult life and in recent years suboxone. I took Kambo in preparation for Ayahuasca. My guide sent me diet prep info but I didn't read it till a day before. But I had already been following my own diet anyway, including a reduction in suboxone use via IV. I confirmed with her (my guide) what was in my body and she said I could still go ahead. The Kambo began working a minute after application. With the help of skulling water, I purged for 3hrs straight. Then the purge reduced less & less. Until 12 hrs later I had my last purge (vomiting yellow bile in lots of water). I could feel "rocks" in my body (my guts) & the purge removed these bit by bit. I didn't get the last rock out but I laid on my left side to help it gurgle (I could feel & hear it) from around my liver into my ?guts?. I later passed this last "rock" into the toilet as a gel. To me it was clear that the Kambo had put me into a detox from the suboxone and I was hanging out. I could only handle it for about 12hrs more (total 24hrs since Kambo) before I succumbed and took dose after dose (smaller to larger) until finally I was feeling well. I was pretty frustrated that I had been told by both my professional guide & on forums that the suboxone would make no difference. So I want to share my story here so people know that it does have an affect - in my case, the Kambo caused me to go into withdrawal. And I could not have my usual dose to relieve this, I needed allot more. It's been a couple weeks now and I feel back to normal but my mood is slightly better, able to enjoy life more. I recently had opiates and it made me throw up but I didn't get stoned...maybe this is relative to my post-Kambo biochemistry? It is clear to me that the Kambo expelled bile (most likely with toxins) from my liver & I expelled via vomit & bowels. I will do it again for it's cleansing affect, but will make sure I have suboxone ready for post-Kambo. I doubt my guide will want to take me through it again, unless I bring someone to look after me afterwards & take me home etc.

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Re: Experience report : Kambo & suboxone
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 12:30:31 pm »
Thanks for sharing. =)
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