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Berberine vs. Metformin
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:14:01 PM »
"Best known for its natural antibiotic activity, berberine deals a serious blow to common infectious organisms— organisms like “staph,” “strep,” Chlamydia, diphtheria, salmonella, cholera, diplococcus pneumoniae, pseudomonas, gonorrhea, candida, trichomonas, and many others.

The researchers wrote, 'Compared with metformin, berberine exhibited an identical effect in the regulation of glucose metabolism, such as HbA1c, FBG [fasting blood glucose], PBG [blood sugar after eating], fasting insulin and postprandial insulin [insulin level after eating]. In the regulation of lipid metabolism, berberine activity is better than metformin. By week 13, triglycerides and total cholesterol in the berberine group had decreased and were significantly lower than in the metformin group (P<0.05).'

Insulin resistance dropped by 45 percent!"

1. Reduces inflammation
2. Improves gastrointestinal health
3. Reduces glucose production in the liver
4. Improves markers of insulin resistance
5. Lowers cholesterol
6. Lowers oxidative stress
7. Helps in losing body fat
8. Slows down aging
9. Suppresses chemical-induced carcinogenesis, clastogenesis, tumor promotion and tumor invasion
10. Exerts antiarrhythmic effects
11. Exerts anti-microbial activity against a wide range of microorganisms.
12. Exerts minor antidepressant effects, as well as work in a synergistic fashion with existing antidepressants
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