Author Topic: when the purge continues after the medicine is removed  (Read 1665 times)

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when the purge continues after the medicine is removed
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:04:59 pm »
This was my 5th experience with kambo. The medicine was removed once i exhibited stridor. I have had throat swelling before, to the extent where i was unable to drink water. But this was to the point where it was unnerving (I dont startle easy). The medicine was on 10 minutes. Heart rate up, super hot and diaphoretic, and my throat had swollen shut (i work it medicine and assure you, it was shut. Nose breathing was becoming difficult). We removed the medicine. I became cold, layed at an incline and focused on my breathing. 10 minuted later came the intense purge, but
it was after the medicine had been removed. There was no improvement in throat swelling until 12 hours later. Any insight as to why the meicine continued so feverishly after it was removed? FYI- I recieved 7 wide dots.

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Re: when the purge continues after the medicine is removed
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 06:15:29 am »
So I have heard of the throat swelling before, in rare occasions, but never heard of anyone experiencing it to the extent you did (12 hours?).
Did you not experience this side-effect in any of your previous 4 experiences?

I have had a conversation before a few years back with another very experienced kambo practitioner on this forum.
He had this to say about it:

Almost! You have to first wash off the Kambo with water to remove all traces. Then keep them as upright as possible and tell them to inhale slowly but only through the nose down into the belly and exhale only through the nose in a long slow blowing motion. Kambo closes the throat but almost never blocks the nasal passages fully until either the head is hanging down over a bucket or the purging has begun.

If they can't manage this, lie them down and do gentle Mouth to Nose - yukky I know but necessary in this case. Mouth to mouth doesn't work if the throat is swollen closed.

With luck the effects will reverse within 60 seconds of removing the Kambo so you don't have to keep this up for long. The biggest problem is panic!

If all else fails, grab your scalpel and do an emergency tracheotomy!  :)

This serves as a good example of why caution, respect, and allergy tests with kambo are advisable,
as well as the significance of being guided by experienced practitioners.

Have you done 7 wide points before?

Hydration is important. And to immediately remove the kambo in a situation like this.

I would advise back-stepping on your kambo dosage and using a smaller dosage in any future applications.
And perhaps doing a cleanse beforehand -- not sure if this could be related to an allergy or what, if you have done kambo before and never experienced this.

Maybe better for you to do cleanses in other ways. There are plenty. Wouldn't want you to have to go through that again. Glad you are okay.

Best regards.
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