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4th application
« on: April 15, 2017, 12:06:22 AM »
This time was twelve dots, six on each thigh. I made a bit of a mistake with my water intake, i drank one liter maybe ten-fifteen minutes before starting my burns, then realized i forgot the second, drank it in between burning each leg, I should have waited to apply the venom but unfortunately I did so right away.

This time was strange, I noticed my heart beating very fast and my mind quickly went over some regretful decisions I had made. I said to myself, "okay no more coffee and coca tea before kambo". Then it became very, very sedating, I could hardly stand for a while. I was sweating bullets. A ringing started to rise in my head and went on for a while, I was having minor colored geometric hallucinations, which im pretty prone to. But nothing compared to the visions that came after six dots on my belly two days after ayahuasca. That was certainly a +4 type of experience if ya catch my drift. My write up is under Kambo + Aya.

I eventually laid on the floor until the urge to vomit came about. It was mostly water, when the bile came i was nearly dry, but some really thick, almost brown stuff came out. After some dry heaving, I began to relax, and hopped into an essential oil bath I had prepared beforehand. Would def recommend that.
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