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Now I get it
« on: November 19, 2012, 08:59:16 pm »
Three weeks ago I took Kambo for the first time, three dots. I felt really sensitive, sharp and focused. Yesterday I took five dots, this time I was able to purge, I felt a bit drained for the next few hours. I feel like I need more dots still, I felt very sensitive, the Kambo surfaced anger I did not know I had inside. I had to watch myself that I would not be snappy toward my loved ones. Kambo is showing me the areas I need to change in my being, or "surfacing" them, it will be up to me to dispose of them, my sensitivities, jealousy, anger, rash judgement, all of it was at the surface of my being making me very very uncomfortable in my skin.......however today, I have felt amazing. I have been full of energy, putting much more effort into my work and solving problems without even thinking twice. I catch myself gazing into the world around me, my mind still, calm, and free of unnecassary thoughts. I have wanted nothing other than to be gentle kind and truly helpful, this was my stated intention in a way, even if it were cloaked by what I thought I was asking for. I am truly glad I listened when my spirit lead me to Kambo. I can see that I have more difficulties than I concieved of beforehand, kambo is straight to the point with me, no nuturing, no easy does it I have been dealt a bad hand excuse for being untrue to the spirit and my fellow humans. It said here I gathered up your mess now get rid of it! I have a feeling I will grow quite close with this medicine in my time coming.
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