Author Topic: Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain Neurology Neurogenisis  (Read 2464 times)

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Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain Neurology Neurogenisis
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:38:06 pm »
A talk about medicinal mushrooms, like Lion's Mane, for brain neurology neurogenisis.
Regenerating myelin in axons of nerves. Formation of Amyloid plaques / Alzheimer's
Demyelination of the neurons, the myelin transmits the neural signals. Demyelination occurs, the outer sheaths of the neurons is interrupted by amyloid plaques which interrupt neuro-transmission.
His hypothesis that if you stack medicinal mushrooms for neurogenisis with niacin / B3, the advantage is that the niacin can help drive the neurogenic benefits of psilocybin and aromasens from lion's mane to the end of the peripheral nervous system.
Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bio-remediation and medicinal fungi.
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