Author Topic: Had my first Kambo experience and now I'm.. Sick? similar experiences?  (Read 6331 times)

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Hi everyone,

After hearing about Kambo the last two years, after hearing myself say out loud in one of my most ayahuasca ceremonies that "I feel like a frog", I figured it time to try it out. I bought a stick of the Kambo and brought it back home to have my shaman there apply it. The treatment itself went pretty effortless. Had quite a purge of light greenish bile, the diarrhoea set in about an hour later, but nothing that was too far out of control to me soiling myself or anything. I took it easy and things seemed alright the next day. Not the reported wow that tons of people seem to have after their first Kambo treatment. Then, the next day in the evening, I was struck with an immense headache, then shivers. A friend came over and told me I was glowing hot (I felt as if I was freezing, however). So, a fever. The first night (Wednesday-Thursday) I was frying and freezing at the same time, the day after I felt like a rag. I couldn't do anything aside from be in bed, try to drink something and visit the toilet. The second night (Thursday-Friday) the fever calmed down a little, fortunately, although massive night sweats started.
At the end of Friday morning I was fit enough to leave the house and do some chores. Things really seemed to be going up so I visited a friend in the evening for her birthday (didn't drink anything). However, when I came back home and went to sleep, I woke up around 6am soaked in my sheets, again. I don't seem to have a high rise in temperature, but still, with the profound sweating it appears I must have some rise of temperature.

My shaman called it a "healing crisis": The immune system boost was of such proportions that it's (over?)zealous now in its endeavours to heal my body. Where I'd like to believe this, doubt is in my nature and first hand experience the best proof.
I was wondering if there's anyone here that has had a similar experience and also how long the road to recovery took.

Much love,

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Are you a daily coffee and/or tea drinker??  If so, you may need to drink more than your usual amount for a couple of days to get yourself out of caffeine withdrawal.  This has been my experience at least.