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Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« on: March 22, 2016, 06:14:29 pm »
Because this may be helpful to others, I intend to keep a journal here of my kambo experiences.

I have chronic Lyme disease. And that is what attracted me to kambo - as a possible way to help.

I have thus far completed 6 kambo experiences.

The first 3 I did with the help of a practitioner. Subsequently, I have done it by myself.

I'll post the experiences in separate responses below.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2016, 06:26:46 pm »
My first kambo experience.

I don't recall the exact date, but it was mid to late February of this year (2016).

Prior to the experience I had been experiencing chronic, moderate heel pain (common Lyme symptom), moderate "brain fog", and moderate depression among other symptoms - but those were the most pressing. Oh, and a ENT issue predating Lyme as well.

I was nervous prior to the experience. I have had many experiences with powerful natural medicines, but kambo scared me.

The session began with sananga drops. They burned, but it was mild to me. The practitioner was shocked because apparently most people squirm and cry.

Four burns applied to right arm.

I drank approximately 2 liters of water.

Kambo applied - 4 dots.

My heart began to beat faster and stronger. I felt okay.

After a minute or more I could feel my blood pressure begin to drop. I felt mildly nauseous, but more strongly faint.

I did not feel an urge to vomit. So after ?? minutes (maybe 15? But could have been 5 or 30 for all I know to be honest) I used my fingers down my throat to purge.

I vomited yellow quickly. And I started to feel slightly better.

The practitioner removed the dots. I went to the bathroom and purged (mildly) from my bowels.

Afterward I lay down and slept for a while. I felt good when waking.

I had a complete disappearance of heel pain and some other minor symptoms for several days. Strangely, though I had some of the symptoms - and they had bothered me daily - for years, I completely forgot about them during that time. I only remembered them when they returned.

I also was in a good mood for several days following.

The effects overall, were subtle but beneficial.

After the experience I was still too afraid to even consider doing kambo on my own.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2016, 06:37:47 pm »
Second kambo experience.

Same practitioner/assistant as first.

Sanaga again, and as before, same mild response. No doubt the drops were fully in my eyes.

This time used small amount of hape. I felt grounded and calm - no nausea, which was surprising because I have had very strong nausea in the past from other tobacco experiences.

Six burns this time. All on right arm.

Drank 2 liters of water (slightly less) and 6 dots were applied.

My heart beat faster and stronger as before.

When blood pressure dropped this time I did not experience faintness. But nausea was mild/moderate again.

As before, no purge came on its own. After some time I put my fingers down my throat and brought on a purge. I vomited yellow, but don't recall know quickly the yellow came.

As first time, I also had a mild purge from bowels afterward.

Then slept for a while. I woke feeling good.

Afterward, however, I felt slightly worse and had a return of symptoms that had been gone for a while. I felt irritable and slightly depressed. And that continued and I also had worsening anxiety for several weeks until next kambo experience. (Incidentally, I don't recall exactly when this second session was...between 2 and 4 weeks after first because of scheduling stuff with the practitioner.)

Intuitively I thought the hape may have had something to do with the unpleasantness. But I cannot know. And each kambo experience is different. It's also possible that the symptoms could have been from a so-called Herx reaction - a "die-off" reaction - which is a common theory in the Lyme world for negative reactions to things that should or do seem to help.

Also worth noting that the hape was yamanawa. I have several hape at home and tried a very small amount of one of them - one described as being more "masculine" than the yamanawa - during the week following this kambo experience, and I had a violently nauseous, "over"-grounded experience in which I felt dizzy and as though I was sinking through my body. Hape is thought to clear stuck energies and blockages - it could be that my intense reaction was due to blockages. Or could have been nicotine poisoning... ;P

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2016, 06:43:11 pm »
Third experience.

Same practitioner/assistant.

Same mild experience with sanaga.

No hape.

Seven burns. Three in ear (don't recall the points used) and 4 on arm.

Drank almost 2 liters of water.

Dots applied to ear points. Heart rate increased. Noticed blue splotches on arms and hands amidst generally pink/red skin. Practitioner said that happened previous times as well and is common - and that my circulation is improving. The blue spots did give way to red/pink.

As blood pressure began to drop, applied 4 dots to arm points.

Heart rate increased again.

When pressure dropped again, no faintness, same mild nausea.

No purge came on its own. Used fingers down throat to bring purge. It took a lot of clear water vomiting before yellow came up.

Began to feel better. Dots removed. Mild purge from bowels in bathroom.

I lay down and slept. When I woke I felt better.

But afterward I returned to (anxious, depressed, heel pain, etc.) baseline at least by next day.

After this experience I felt confident enough to try kambo by myself.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2016, 06:51:00 pm »
Fourth experience.

I believe that it was March 14, 2016 (a little over a week ago as I write this).

I waited until I had the space and quiet for an hour within the house.

I intended to do 8 points. So I scraped 8 dots and I burned 8 points on my left arm. I used an elm twig to burn the points. It worked well.

I drank most of 2 liters - leaving some to help bring on the purge after blood pressure dropped.

I applied 3 dots to my arm.

My heart beat faster and harder than I had remembered from previous experiences. So much more that I thought that perhaps this frog was much stronger and that it would be wise to keep it to 3 points. It could have been that I was simply more attuned to such nuances because I was doing it by myself. But in any case, I only did 3 points.

As usual, blood pressure dropped and I felt nauseous, but only mildly so.

After a while - maybe 10 minutes - I could feel the nausea subsiding. So I decided to bring on the purge with my fingers down my throat.

I did that repeatedly until I had purged all the water in my stomach and was only dry heaving. Then I drank more water and brought on a purge again.

No yellow. Just clear water with a small amount of mucous.

But I no longer felt any urge to purge. The nausea had passed.

I removed the dots.

I lay down and slept. I felt better when waking, but similar to the previous experience, feeling better returned to baseline very quickly.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2016, 06:52:58 pm »
Fifth experience.

This was 2 days after fourth experience.

Very similar to previous experience.

However, I did 5 points.

With 5 points I had a better purge. I still had to use my fingers to bring on the purge. But after maybe 10 minutes of purging clear water, I got a yellow purge.

As before, removed points, lay down, slept. Felt slightly better after waking, but returned to baseline quickly,.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2016, 07:32:22 pm »
Sixth experience.

This morning.

I hadn't been definite on doing kambo in advance of waking this morning. But when I woke I knew I needed to do it.

I had no sense of desire to do kambo. But I felt that it was right.

As I was expressing my intention to sapo, I realized that I was afraid that the only way to fulfill my intention would be to kill me. I asked sapo not to kill me, but to find another way to help with my intention - to be fully alive instead of half dead.

I decided to do 8 points. I burned 8 points. I made 8 dots.

I drank most of 2 liters of water. I decided to try "layering" the kambo by applying several points and waiting for blood pressure to begin to drop and then applying more.

I applied the first 3.

My heart rate increased and began to drop after a minute or several minutes. I applied several more dots, but I didn't notice any increase in heart rate after that.

I applied 6 dots in total.

I felt more nauseous than usual. And fainter than usual - though not quite as bad as the first kambo experience.

I felt pretty terrible for longer than usual - not sure exactly how much time passed. Could have been 5 minutes could have been 20.

Used my fingers to bring on the purge. I purged with more difficultly than usual. And after maybe 10 purges and more water I felt done - couldn't seem to purge more - but no yellow purge had occurred.

Afterward I removed the dots and lay down and slept for a short while.

On waking I felt tired still. Not great, not terrible.

Heel pain more pronounced than has been. But slightly less irritable than I was before.

I also should mention that I'm doing bee venom therapy with live bee stings every other day. I had planned last week to alternate bee sting days and kambo days. But obviously I didn't keep up with kambo on that schedule. I think it was too intense.

Also want to note that I've been thinking that kappa opioid upregulation (or whatever that may mean in reality) may be a possible factor in my life and symptoms. The only two things I've found that seem like reliable and likely medicines for that are salvia divinorum and iboga.

Frustratingly, iboga is illegal where I live. I am only interested in microdosing - not a flood. So I've been looking into salvia. I have tried salvia on two occasions in the somewhat distant past. Salvia is legal where I live, but even the seemingly reputable online vendors seem to be unresponsive. Frustrating. As with iboga, my interest in salvia is also sub-dissociative. I am interested in seeing if the "kappa agonism" is therapeutic.

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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2016, 03:08:31 am »
The sananga eye drops i have burn like a mofo! I use piri-piri eye drops regularly instead.
I'd love to hear more about the bee sting therapy. Who's doing that? What's that like? Does it cause a high?

That's a lot of dedication for kambo in a month, you have a strong spirit =). Glad to see you didn't give up as soon as you felt a bit worse. Sometimes you have to just work though it.

Welcome to the community. Let us know how it progresses from there.

best regards
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Re: Kambo Diary - Chronic Lyme Disease
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2022, 08:52:34 am »
I have lyme, lots of toxins and inflamed gut.

Kambo is for me a precious tool to keep going.

You mention anxiety and depression.

The following are proven-to-work tips !

In my opinion and the experience of myself and many others, 80% of depressions not caused by farma or a recent traumatic event), anxiety, and to some extent concentration problems, can be solved or greatly surmounted with good mineralisation, both the major minerals and spore-elements, and optimising EPA and DHA levels.

When there is enough mineralisation, the body makes enough neurotransmitters: it is mainly a lack of neurotransmitters we are dealing with.

The following is a list, the three major ones are on top.

1) raw cacao paste
beans are much harder to digest, even though you chew thoroughly
The powder misses the carrier: the fat.

Twice: 2 to 6 grams.

Having a cacaoparty is great, bur you don't want to do that often because it destabilizes the body through the surge of neurotransmitters.

2) Klamath lake algae.  I buy Power Organics, 1 KG. Very absorbable because of the soft cell skin.

Twice: 2 tot 3 gram.  Same warning as with cacao.  Of course you can do more if you need it.  It is best then to spread to 3 times. This amount is a maintenance baseline.

3) Microminerals in fulvic acid. Favorite pricewise and quality TJ Clark.  I buy the concentrate.  From a deposit of a forest from ancient times.
All the spore elements of the world are in there, and they are plant-based, so negatively charged, so extremely absorbable.  They also help greatly with gut issues and even with detox: every positively charged atom in your body, like industrial zinc or aluminum, is attracted to the negative counterpart, and is then expelled.  Do not rely on this for macrominerals, though there is a relative big amount of iron and zinc. Use referably with meals, because it enhances digestion.

The lack of even one spore-element can have big consequences for brain health.

4) Check all your intracellular lipids with a blood profile.  EPA and DHA are vitally important.  Supplement with Klamath and krill oil.

The following are more depending on a personal state, and if the above does not do the trick:

5) Supplementing magnesium (magnesium threonate specially for the brain), selenium, and maybe you can feel supplemental lithium (Iherb), it is worth trying this one, it makes the difference for some.  You can also micro dose Prozac-kind of tablets.

6) try panax ginseng.  Use it a couple of months, then stop a few weeks.

7)  The most unexpected godsend present: coleus forskolii.
A lifetime of underlying depression.  Then I took one pill of this of the great brand Paradise Herbs every day..........
After a few hours I went into 2 months of a constant feeling of extacy.... yes, like the drug. I was worried I would never want to work again.
Then slowly it subsided.
Depression gone !   I have always had a weak liver, and coleus is sait to be a good liver tonic, but still, absolutely amazing effect.
Warning: my brother took 1, and he says he became aggressive. He never wanted to try it again. 

The other above are truly medicinal, superfoods even, good for "erything".  This last one is a classic supplement.

I highly recommend a book that tranformed my life, and that brings light to nutrition and the top superfoods in the world, amongst others cacao and klamath: "Superfoods", by David Wolfe.

When you use the above and you ingest them at the same time, you have synergistic enhancement of the effects.

Iherb ships cheaply all over the world.

8) Get on youtube and try Joe Dispenza's extraordinary approach.

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