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Re: kambo with dmso
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2013, 05:17:40 pm »
Thank you all very much for your replies.
As you might have already guessed, English is not my native language so I apologise for the inevitable mistakes I make/ made
@ pw
I was not offended by your reply, I just took it as your way of knocking very loud on my door to get me listening. You are a warrior indeed, but were not so very peaceful towards me.
You are right about the fact that I didn’t read much on this forum yet. As a matter of fact I discovered it only a few days ago.  It’s just my impatience that started me posting without further reading, for I have a very nice neighbour with her whole body full of cancer who I would love to cure.
I thank you for making me aware of the spirit of the kambo. Today I took a maintenance dose of kambo for my diseases and I sensed it quite clear.
It never intended to use kambo in another than the traditional way for myself. The whole thing with the dmso is only about delivering the kambo intra-cellular in the case of treating cancer as I already explained above.

@ plantbuddist
thank you for the link .I will look into it 

@ psilo
dmso is a by-product of the wood industry but it is also chemically produced. It’s considered organic but I wouldn’t call it that. It has a really nasty stench to it. A few years ago I entered a house of someone who was on the mms/dmso protocol. Although he took the last dose a day before, the whole house was still filled with this typical appalling smell.
As to mixing kambo with some viruskilling chemical: It is probably risky because I suspect it to be likely that this substance will react with one or more components of kambo.
Thanks for your advise, I will read your thread

@ caiano
This story of the k. virus is not clear and we can only speak of it out of our ignorance.

 I agree with you on that. The story doesn’t seem right. How much info is there on this subject? How many cases are we talking about? I would love to read more about it
But before we are absolutely certain about the cause of frog’s disease  and the cure for that, for me it’s a definite no go to administer kambo any other way than through skinburns

The alleged Kambo virus could be named "virus" with the same semantic approximation the frog gelatin is named " vaccine" by the locals; and then  the cause of the frog disease can be from other origins.

Interesting thought.

@ kampum
I'm not sure how Kambo would work in a burn with DMSO to make the globules.
I suspect that the burns make the skin even more permeable for dmso

I only tried it without doing the burns and whether it was all in my head or not, I thought I received bad luck from that experiment
I think you’re right about that though it feels more like a warning to you, not to go there again.

Thank you for the rest of your advice. I’ll take everything in consideration. Consulting the kambo, I think, is still a little bit out of my league although today I clearly sensed it’s presence.

Again I thank you all for your responses I have learned a great deal more about the subject today. It was more than I had hoped for, though I’m aware that it wasn’t just my question that triggered you all to respond.
I’m sometimes very much in awe how things go in life. Things are often not what they seem.

After reading your insights it would be highly irresponsible of me to try the dmso/ kambo method on anyone.
It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. K

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Re: kambo with dmso
« Reply #16 on: August 05, 2013, 06:45:14 pm »
I just took it as your way of knocking very loud on my door to get me listening. You are a warrior indeed, but were not so very peaceful towards me.

I found it out of place which is why I reacted so firmly.  I found that you came here with sincere etiquette and found no problems reading your post.  Keep on keeping on.  The indigenous also have many problems to solve, some are more in harmony than others but personally I think they haven't solved all of life's riddles including the best way to use Kambo.  So on we move towards open paths.