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Mimosa and Kambo
« on: June 01, 2013, 10:28:00 pm »
Hi all,

I will elaborate more on this, but I did Kambo this morning. It totally f***d me up:

1. reguralr vomit 4and the frog face...
2. than I crashed, I couldn't move in the bed for 3 hours, my man was not paying attention to me (!), thinking I was sleeping, I was not, I was very cold but couldn't communicate anything. I was motionless in bed for 3 hours, I had visions, not strong though.  I was not sure if I slept or not, I don't think so, but not sure.
3. after about 3 hours I could get up and talk (not very well), my face was still very deformed, couldn't walk well.
4. The rest of the day, (still) I could do nothing, I was in bed all day.

This is very different then the regular treatments, I have done them along with Caapi and Iboga, but this was totally unexpected, so I conclude it was Mimosa - dmt that did it all, but what was interesting and unexpected is that my last Mimosa was 2 weeks ago: and it was 1,5 g of Caapi extract, and 2g of Mimosa cold extraction via H3P04... This is a very strong Pharmahuasca treatment that has us knocked down to the bed for 3,5 hours. I was totally taken by surprise that Kambo will kind of take on it in a strange way.

I want to add that I did this Mimosa treatment in past 6 weeks, every alternate week end. It enormously improved my immune system, even more then Kambo: the lymp node behind my ear was gone, and the sore throat and sinus infection gone, that Kambo couldn't take out, I will elaborate more on it, I didn't expect ANY immune system improvement form DMT.

After two weeks after DMT, I ran out of Caapi, and my immune system started acting up again, so I did Kambo today, but as you can see... I'll let you, what tomorrow has for me...



I don't feel bad physically, but I feel a little emotional. My immune system is much better: clear sinus, throat, light head ache though in the afternoon. After all I do think it did reactivated a Mimosa treatment from 2 weeks.
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