Author Topic: Raising the Phyllomedusa Bicolor  (Read 10235 times)

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Raising the Phyllomedusa Bicolor
« on: May 09, 2013, 03:20:34 pm »
We better get started people the demand is too high already and increasing by the day!

Giant Waxy Monkey Frog - Phyllomedusa Bicolor

    Trade Name:
    Giant Monkey frog, Bicolored Monkey Frog

    Family & Scientific Name:
    Hylidae; phyllomedusa bicolor

    Identifying Features:
    This frog is identified by large size; opposable thumb and first finger; green (to brown) back; whitish fingers and toes; green toepads and black rings on lower sides, groin and rear of thighs.

    Range & Origin:
    Northern South America. Although the pet trade remains largely dependent on wild collected specimens, a few herpetoculturists are now breeding this species.

    Adult Size:
    3-4 1/2 Inches

    Life Span:
    10+ years.

    Terrarium Size:
    From one to three or four individuals thrive in a 20-29 gallon terrarium. If a greater number is to be kept then you need a larger terrarium.

    Terrarium Type:
    A rain forest terrarium is an ideal setup for this species. Unmilled sphagnum moss substrate, a potted plant, diagonal limbs and a sizable but shallow dish of clean water will do.

    Social Structure:
    These frogs are communal.

    Feed these a variety of insects. Vitamin-mineral (D3-calcium) supplements should be given to fast growing babies twice weekly and to adults about once a week.

    Potential Problems:
    This frog is very cold sensitive. Keep terrarium temperature between 78 and 88F. Bruises and scrapes should be treated with daily applications of a diluted aqueous solution of sulfa drug. Provided it is kept humid, but not overly wet or cold, this is a very hardy and easily kept frog.

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Re: Raising the Phyllomedusa Bicolor
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 03:22:16 pm »
Although they say they don't produce venom in captivity I know of a Daime leader in Brazil who raises Kambo.  I think I will pass his contacts over to Galega to find out how he does it. 

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Re: Raising the Phyllomedusa Bicolor
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2014, 02:53:56 pm »
Greetings! First post.

i watched a video on youtube about raising phyllomedusa bicolor and it suggested captives do not produce the same toxins,
because they do not have access to this certain ant that they eat in the wild. So, i guess that an ant farm might be needed.