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for patients with CFS/FM/ME
« on: May 02, 2013, 11:46:53 AM »
Working with CFS/FM.

To understand how Kabmo reacts with CFS/FM and how the healing process may take place can be tricky, for the reason that this is a chronic condition that has been with us for months and years.

It is more than normal to be psychologically challenged with his condition, and it could be good idea to clear the mind form depression/anxiety,  and then to face  its immunological aspect with Kambo.

For this purpose I suggest working with Caapi and Iboga root bark, as microdosing. If interested, we can right guide for there practices.

I am not implying months of work with the mind plants, just a couple of weeks. The work can be continued while with Kambo, but it will give an important balance of body - mind interaction.


It is good to know where we are as regarding our health before we start the Kambo healing.  The reason why is that as patients we are highly unrealistic regarding our present condition, as well as our expectations of how and when we will get better. I wrote a simple guide to see how deep we are limited with CFS/FM.

Here are 3 states of health we may find ourselves:


This doesn't mean that we can't get out of the bed and that we are in dippers. For our purpose it means:
- that every hour we must lay down
- every activity is a shore, we must schedule around the bed time. So lets say we have to answer some e-mails: we have to plan ahead of time that we will have a rest before doing it, and not that we are doing the dishes and then going to our mails, we can't do it.

- when we leave the house we carry money for the taxi in fear that we may not have the energy to come back home.

- we leave the house, but after few minutes waling we found out that we actually "can't" continue, and we better walk back to the house, because we are not sure if we will be able to do it after the errand.

- If we have to see our doc. we schedule it ahead of time and try to get enough rest two days before so we can make it. If our friend is living next door to docs office, we can't see him, it has to be one shot a day.


- we can leave the house to see our doc, and then we can stop by to see our friend, but it can't pass 15:00 hours. We prefer to be at home in the afternoon, whole day out of the house is " a lot". We may be envious of other being able to spend the whole day out, and "even have a dinner", but we are wise to stay in. So lets say we have half day "safe" and doesn't have to be planned.

- we can't do dinners, after 17;00 hours we better be at home.

- we can't free lance job, since we never know if we can get out of the bed on time in the morning, and the afternoon is not much of functioning time.  The daily life take much too much of time.

- we don't know when we are going to be hit with 3 months of BED BOUND episode, but by now we know that that episode will end eventually.


- we go to work ( probably the work that is on chair, standing works of any kind, or works that have lifting or a lots of walking will be impossible)
- we have to go home after work most of the time. Sometimes we see friends for dinner after work, but it feels as "too much".
- we may take yoga class in the gym, and maybe do weights once, twice a week, when we used to do weights and yoga 6 x week.  Now we do yoga, even light yoga, Ashtanga would be too much, and maybe prefer steam room instead of any activity.
- maybe we go drinking Friday night, but we realize that we need a whole week end to recuperate, so eventually we see that it kind of doesn't make sense to do it.
- our social life is dying off slowly.
- if we get a cold/flu, it takes us a month or two to get where we were before. It happens few times a year. We start getting to be fearful that our boss is going to notice that we are sicker then normal human being, and affecting the business...
- we go to see a doc and no diagnosis, our blood work is fine, we are send to se a psychiatrist and we are fine too, we may be prescribed antidepressants but we see no change...
Usually this is how it starts, and ends as BED BOUND.


Now we see the seriousness of this condition.  It is totally unrealistic to be healed quickly, if at all.

Yet Kambo offers very impressive healing powers, and I invite you to try them.

Even though there is a change after one treatment, (sometimes to worst thought), In the world of CFS/FM every change and progress is measured in months: you ask yourself: - last month how did I do, 3 months ago how did I do comparing to now. This is the attitude.

good luck to all
and hope you take the ride, it has a lot to offer

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Re: for patients with CFS/FM/ME
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 07:12:00 PM »
I know this is an old post, but I didn't want to start a duplicate thread. I have fibromyalgia, type 1 diabetes, migraines/cluster headaches, chronic joint pain/inflammation that often leads to tendonitis, as well as mild anxiety and depression. I have been on disability for 3 years. I'm only able to work about 12-15 hours a week. I'm not house bound, but I'm not highly functioning either. I've been fighting to regain more functionality for the past 7-8 years.

I'm going to receive Kambô for the first time in 5 days. I am hoping for a physical transformation, definitely, but I'm also looking for a spiritual one as well. I've been told that it will greatly help me, and I've read it as well, but after looking for medicine that works for so long, and being let down when I thought I'd found it... Well, I'm skeptical. I'm going into this with a "whatever happens, happens" kind of attitude. I'm hopeful, but uncertain. Spiritually, I think I've been lost for awhile.. I never really found my purpose. If this works, I'll be a huge advocate for it. I've dealt with emotional trauma via some really intense therapy, so I'm not the walking definition of ptsd anymore.

I'm wondering if Kambô really will help me. I'm excited to do it, definitely. I've always found shamanic healing very fascinating for its esoteric properties. Surely if no one else has the answer, Spirit does, right? So, my intention is to find my real purpose, and be healed enough physically to carry it out.

So, do people with chronic issues like mine typically need multiple treatments? I've done the emotional work, I've gotten off all the non-essential medications (I was taking a lot of stuff!), and I've started meditating. I believe with every fiber of my being that I'm meant to do good things, spiritually, even if I haven't figured out what that is yet. I've even been on a crazy elimination diet for the past three weeks. Is there anything else I can do to make myself ready to feel good again?
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Re: for patients with CFS/FM/ME
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2014, 08:42:44 AM »
"So, do people with chronic issues like mine typically need multiple treatments?"

Yes, it's amazing but it's a path. There's no one-step easy way to deal with all that you've mentioned. PTSD is somewhat synonymous with shamanic diagnosis of soul loss. And because you mentioned emotional trauma and feeling loss and purposeless. I would look into reading about that so that you can at least recognize what it is. hard to tell all that much about what your going through from what you've written but it sounds like, if you haven't focused on diet in a strong and positive manner you should. I would look into eating more raw plant foods. Healthy smoothies for nutrition and cleansing. herbal enemas like coffee mixed in, and probiotics. So much dis-ease stems from bowel problems. I would invest in something like oregano oil for smoothies. it is anti-inflammatory and will help with your joint pain and inflammation. Fresh juice fasting? Your issues speak of over-toxicity. Try to get some energy into the body. like exercises. if you live in an area that isn't going into winter, try to get sunlight. next time you have the opportunity while outside, remove shoes and socks and stand on natural ground. this is grounding and will pull dirty electricity buildup in the body from electronics. 1/2 tsp of baking soda at a time mixed into water and drank will help alkalize the system (alkalizing the system is very important and will help with inflammation) and remove toxins.
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Re: for patients with CFS/FM/ME
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2014, 01:07:35 PM »
I posted a reply but I must not have actually sent it so let me try again.

I've only heard of soul loss, but I'll read up on it more. Thankfully, the trauma I've been through has been pretty well worked through. It's taken years of therapy and processing, but I'm in a good place mentally. No ill will towards anyone who did anything to me... They were obviously not well, and I've learned not to take their actions personally. I hope they got the help they need and I'm thankful for what I've learned about myself in the healing process.

I definitely have a lower gi absorption issue. I found that out from my osteopath the day before my first Kambô session. That first time was all downward purging, with just a little throwing up, so I feel like the healing went exactly where it was needed most. I felt miserable during the most active part of the treatment, and frankly wondered why I'd volunteered myself for it. But, I understood later. Just 5 dots got a strong response. The second time, 6 days later, I got 7 dots. Threw up more, but no bowel movement! But, I found that after about 20 minutes, I could barely move and I got scared. So I asked that the dots be wiped off. Maybe it was too much of a jump ahead. It was suggested to me that next time (which is a week away) I get 5 or 6 dots, perhaps along with rapé..? I may do that, provided I can get more info about it.

I never got that rush of energy, or the pain relief I've heard people talk about. I did feel much lighter, spiritually... Like opening a curtain in a dark room. It was subtle, but noticeable. My dreams became more meaningful, my tolerance for other people's decisions and actions was greater, and it's affected the decisions I make for myself. It's like, after going through the icky part of Kambô, why would I make choices to do things that aren't good for me? It just makes the medicine work harder, when my goal is to make the path to healing as simple as I can.

Kambô is infinite in itself. I get why people say that Kambô is a Searcher. I'm glad this forum exists, because it's one of the few places where people don't think you're crazy when you talk about it like its a being. I've learned so much from the people here.. Not just about Kambô, but other things as well.  There are some smart damn cookies in this forum!

I have just started doing smoothies, using Nutiva vanilla hemp protein, Pure Encapsulations fiber powder, GlutAloeMine powder, digestive enzymes, a probiotic, a tsp of SunWarrior raw liquid multivitamin, fruit, greens, and almond milk. I'm considering adding turmeric to them as well, in the near future. My focus is on gut healing, so I can absorb more nutrients. I'll probably be adding a host of other raw methylated vitamins and antioxidants in about 3-4 weeks. I'm staying away from gluten, dairy and highly acidic foods and refined sugars. I'll give the oregano oil and the baking soda water a try. I do live in a seasonal location, but I learned about grounding and its benefits many years ago, so I try to do it as much as I can. Often in the winter, I'll go into a bright room and get a sunlight bath.. I'll tend to my plants and flowers, too. Just getting my hands in the soil feels good.

I am thankful and grateful for your input. :)
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Re: for patients with CFS/FM/ME
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2015, 05:50:13 AM »
It is working well and it is good It works great too.