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Gut wrenching song
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:59:05 PM »
Yesterday I did Kambo to the meridians all around the ear on the side of the neck/head.  So not on the ear but on the head/neck if that makes sense.  For the triple energizer.

Lasted 2 hours, this is a very sensitive spot.

What I learned this time:
Kambo's teaching this time was that Kambo is mainly (for me at least) a vehicle for song.  I sang the entire 2 hours in wild frequencies.  As I sang I went with the Kambo surgeon peering deeper and deeper into my guts.  The deeper and higher pitched I would sing the better it would "extract" or "expel" my purges. 

The experience was very visionary, the fractals I was seeing were off the charts.  Doing Kambo anywhere close to the brain is both very potent and very visionary.  Personally it's the only meridian area I want to work with lately, just wish there were more over there.  It seems the Triple Energizer is a dear one to me and I'll probably fill up every last dot over and over again until I've had enough. 

San Jiao 17-San Jiao 21 for those with an interest in digging deep down.