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Y-terpinene and A-terpinene
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:36:17 PM »
i should have posted this before i will copy the detailed info i put in another thread and put it here.

Y-terpinene would likely go very well with kambo if done correctly, i recall a few times reading kambo users experienceing a wave of scanning go over the body and make disterbances very noticable.

Y-terpinene can make one able to see visuals that are very different from most other psychedelics you can see feng sui, but it goes beyond just seeing the ambient energy within your environment, you can FEEL and interact with the energy when i say you can feel it i will explain this in more detail later.

when you have an itch, this is your feng sui out of balance, when you touch your finger to the spot it deposits electrons into the unbalanced energy knot that felt itchy and stimulates more energy to flow into this point, when you feel an itch REMEMBER WHAT YOU WERE DOING ware you were what you did in the past few hours/minutes in detail write it all down this will be EXTREMELY useful very soon.

the earth has lay lines of electromagnetic energy running through it that protect it from the suns rays, the human body is a microcosm of this when you have an itch their is a disturbance in the perpetual energy cycle that your meridians and chakras make up.

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Re: Y-terpinene and A-terpinene
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 09:20:41 AM »
Excerpts from Peaceful Warrior from the thread entitled "Iboga"...

"Why the use of the essential oils?"

"mandarin for Y-terpinene, balsam for beta-pinene"

beta-pinene prevents the nausea psychedelics can cause, with the nausea from lucy and others suppressed beforehand these substances have more free energy for going into more beneficial receptor sites and wasting less energy on nausea, and it also sensitizes the brain to acetylcholine effects witch are very important to the effects of many psychedelics.

Y-terpinene is a psychedelic that agonizes the D1 receptor and by doing so allows more of lucy to hit other receptors harder and waste less energy on D1, it can cause some of the gold visuals seen with eyes open during nn-dmt. Y-terpinene is also a strong audio hallucinogen.

peppermint EO makes the lucy absorb better and makes its effects on the D2 receptor much stronger, and it prevents much of lucy from causing tolerance to receptors in the brain. if you dosed peppermint EO chronically enough and in high enough doses you could get STUPIDLY small micro doses of lucy to be extremely active.

they reduce the negative side effects and increase the positive effects, and increase your sensitivity to entheogens

if you use EO's to balance all meridians and chakras and take entheogens you get the full picture.

if you just take entheogens on their own the entheogen has to waste most of its energy working through your bullshit before it can give you a gift, conservation should expand to the point of decreasing the load (spiritually) on the plant entity, help them by making it so they don't have to spoon feed you as strongly and as frequently.

pretty much i feel confident going as far as to say until you start using the EO and supplements/vitamins/minerals with entheogens your basically just getting high. (with the exception of pre-planned entity contact and kappa agonism)

the problem with people is they are stuck on the lower chakra levels possibly below the waist and they don't want ESP or anything like that, what they want is to wake up one day with a magical super power that they don't need to understand how to use, and that they don't want to learn how it works or how to use it or why they have it, they just want to have it and be fully mastered in its use without any memories of becoming a master without having to learn how to use it, they do not want to be a super hero, they want to be the person who is watching the movie about the super hero, and the movie is filmed in first person.


"I've never heard of balsam EO being a psychedelic. I'll have to try this. How is this on its own at high doses? Mainly an auditory hallucinogen?"

i am saying Y-terpinene is psychedelic not balsam fir needle, balsam fir is psychedelic if you take it in the right dose wile peaking on other psychedelics, it will allow you to explore the akashic record line for the balsam fir needle tree, very deep lessons this way, many EO work like this when taken in the right dose wile peaking on ideally multiple other entheogens.

what i mean about Y-terpinene is it is in the following EO's and is a visual and audio hallucinogen but primarily audio, to get it to work you must combine it with a pinene source (beta or alpha) and your root and 3rd eye chakras must be balanced.


"How's that? by sensitizing the brain to acetylcholine effects as you say balsam EO does?"

balsam fir needle will help it like that yes, but what i was refering to was that:

menthol from peppermint EO agonizes kappa leading to upregulated D2 expression, this is related to one of the most important elements of the bides addiction regulating system this is one of its primary self balancing mechanisms.

the menthol also aids absorption sublingually very strongly.

addiction and tolerance cause less receptors to be present on the cell meaning you need more drug to get the same effect because their are less things for that drug to activate (downregulation)

upregulation increases the amount of receptors on the cell reversing tolerance and addiction.

"I have always been sketch about purposely blocking nausea before a journey. As I see purging as a cleansing thing. And that if purging occurs it probably needed to happen. Although I will give capsules I made with lemon EO and Datura seeds to friends, to give them a better experience."

the thing is though, the plant teachers don't want you to be quite so strict with that idea, they want you to learn from the purge experiences and the non-purge experiences equally without feeling that one would detract from the other, they want you to try as many new things as you possibly can as frequently as you can so you can get the full picture and come to appreciate and understand the full totality of the lessons they have to be offered. not only just new things but old things in unlimited new ways.


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Re: Y-terpinene and A-terpinene
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2012, 09:21:36 AM »

there is also alpha-terpinene this is different in its effects but similar in some ways, more exploration of A-terpinene needs to be done, as well as Y-terpinene.

Y-terpinene is one of the primary effects of cannabis, the B-myrcene in cannabis aids the absorption of all other constituents into the brain better.

B-myrcene can also be added to other compounds to improve their absorption across the BBB.

EO's and their B-myrcene %'s:

juniper berry contains around 20%
honey myrtle contains around 8%
thyme ct linalol can contain around 7%
frankincense contains around 10%
some verities of lemongrass contain up to 12%
white pine contains 10% B-myrcene and an amazing 40% B-pinene this is amazing the B-myrcene will enhance the absorption of B-pinene across the BBB as well
wow Sitka Spruce - Picea sitchensis contains 23% or more
Mastic - Pistacia lentiscus contains around 14%
Engelman Spruce - Picea engelmanii contains about 7%

whoops forgot to post the list Y-terpinene:

mandarin - 10-20%
lime - 10%
tea tree - 20%
marjoram (sweet) 10%
thyme CT thymol - 10%