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« on: March 18, 2014, 04:39:05 PM »

Babylon vacate the premises
Jah oust the nemesis
Gabon Eden entrance bliss
Bwitized Basse to enrich

Unto the Most High I come
So their frequencies can't stun
Their goal is to try to alienate
But with Iboga souls repatriate

Daime sip in this hardship
Showing gold from the counterfeit
Oxum of the roll call
Current of the waves oversaw

Mae Divina owns the plot
La Rainha for the distraught
Despite the devils wickedness
Jah give I the innocence

To outlast the enemy
Formation of the trinity
Holy Divinity in its permutations
Praising to my destination

Cahbuhm to the depths of the ocean
Natures best set of devotion
Utter thanksgiving for the occasion
This once inna lifetime incarnation

Kambo based astrological
Divine mothers hospital
The giant monkey frog
Wax imprint of God