Author Topic: Voice Muscle from the Amazon's Totem  (Read 6760 times)

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Voice Muscle from the Amazon's Totem
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:22:30 PM »
Kaaambooo Kaaambooo...
Peer into the deepest Caverns,
Adjust this lens to break old Patterns,
With your eyes delving into the heart,
The opportunity to embark on a fresh start...

Kamboooo Kamboooo...
In the Nuanced approach you bring to reality,
Coming so close to death to glimpse mortality,
From the intense meditation I see the galaxy,
As you remove blemishes and falacies...

Kammmmbo Kammmmbo...
How you bequeth the mystical nectar,
Sapo of unparalleled treasure,
Through pain one finds pleasure,

Kambo restore the ancient balance,
Purify all sickness and malice,
Your elixer discovers the root causes,
Everything your courage detoxes...

Phyllo Medusa Bi Color
Phyllo Medusa Bi Color
The great uses of medicines mother,
The frog never refuses to be a lover,

All that you show,
All that you know,
Ancestor Amphibean of Wisdom and rythm,
Through the collosal collision,
I am granted lucks true vision,

The essential spirit which provides,
Where my actual soul resides,
And the ego cannot divide,

Coordination of the frequency,
Increasing tolerance for leniency,

Kambo Basse' Kambo
Kambo Kombo Kambo
Kambo Boukaye Kambo
Bwiti Kambo Bwiti
Curandero Kambo Curandero
Nganga Kambo Nganga

You are the Centripical Salve,
The 1rst medicine to evolve.