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Thank you very much

Complementary Modalities / Re: an end to the space between
« on: September 07, 2014, 01:05:42 pm »
So... It seems a few people have not yet realized the first post in this thread about the train is meant to inspire people to outdo themselves and focus on competing with yourself and not others.

It is in no way some kind of fundamental rule to existence.

If you did not realize this until me saying it just now I am sorry for you having been unintentionally mislead by my statements.

Never let ANYONE push you into anything you are uncomfortable with before you are ready, that would be extremely counterproductive to yourself and others.

Because if you wait and learn to communicate with your own self with humble honesty you will be show by yourself in a language ONLY you know exactly what to do and when to do it and how etc etc.

If other people say "it's time to do this now hop on board" it just means they don't understand the ebb and flow and that you will not be able to reach your highest potential wile being forced and thus would reduce your and other peoples net gain from your input, but if you wait till your secret inner code makes you feel ready then you will be able to achieve your absolute highest potential outcome and therefore benefit yourself and all others to the maximum you can.

Don't vilify others for pushing you either, they don't know what they are doing so their is no need to carry ill will towards them. I understand getting mad at others for pushing but you gotta try to only get mad the first so many times and try to let it go because it's like a German speaking person telling a Chinese speaking person "no your saying it wrong that Chinese word should sound like this or that from my German speaking perspective"  and then the Chinese speaking person getting mad about it instead of simply understanding how deeply incorrect the German speaking person is and simply not caring and or laughing at the comedy of it.

When someone is ignorant of something you are not supposed to get mad because they are ignorant that is like getting mad at a newborn for not being able to talk, if they knew well enough to talk they would, and likewise if the ignorant person knew better they would speak or act better and their lack of better actions and words are just indicative of them not knowing any better.

It's like a raft at the mercy of the current to be ignorant it is very hazardous but it does not help things to point blame or attribute circumstantial inconveniences as a quality of a person.

Things get better when you share instead of divide.

Sharing of the Healers / Re: What to do when someone doesn't purge
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:06:16 am »
It might be worth the time to read kampums thread about mama kambo mama or papa kambo papa this refers to his experiences with combining aya before and after kambo in micro dose as well as iboga before and afterword.

I have tried both and they both make me purge much harder, deeper, and for longer than just kambo on its own.

Aside from the obvious spiritual synergy these 3 have together there is a complex series of chemical synergies between aya and iboga with kambo and kampum has done a considerable amount of the testing of the waters to the point that from experience of the spiritual and chemical synergies I think the methods he has posted may be optimal methods of getting the absolute most benefit from the least medicine used.

Another method kampum talks about that might help is 3 sessions in 3 days one after another, another method is 3 sessions within 1 day and another method would be 3 sessions within 3 hours this last 3 sessions in 3 hours method would be the most likely to induce a purge I think. Each time I have tried these methods kampum has shared I have noticed that they seem to each have specific things they help so trying all the methods a few times each with lots of time in between is best to get the whole picture.

Sharing of the Healers / Re: What to do when someone doesn't purge
« on: August 19, 2014, 01:01:00 pm »
I understand you not wanting to force anything but you are probably massively squandering a incomprehensibly valuable gift by not seeking to purge.

Saying I feel good just getting it into my system is really not something anyone who respects this sacred medicine should probably be saying.

I am not telling you what to do that is up to you, but at this forum the people here do not use this medicine to feel good, most of the people here use this medicine as a divine catalyst for the healing of the self and the whole.

Feeling good does not mean you are more healthy, but becoming more healthy almost always makes you feel good more.

I would say that using kambo without purging is only making use of less than 1% of the medicine meaning not purging causes you to squander 90-99% of the potential this miracle medicine is capable of.

In fact I would go as far as to say if you don't purge then you have not done kambo.

Sharing of the Healers / Re: What to do when someone doesn't purge
« on: August 19, 2014, 10:08:17 am »
Reverse burping practice daily, drink 2l water before application maybe 1l spread out over the 4 hours leading up to the application then chug another 1l just before applying.

Abstain from everything lots of foods temporarily put the vomiting function in the body to sleep especially lime, lemon, apples, anything with pinene alpha or beta.

I have done aya thousands of times and I have only purged 5-10 of those times and many of those were very high dose I have just found personally most of the time I get much more for aya by letting it make its way out the back door instead of cutting the potential short by purging.

I have done kambo probably between 10-20 times and only in 2 of them I did not purge and that was because I used a non traditional application spot.

If you don't purge with kambo then you may be squandering the divine gift that is what makes kambo so unique and special. The magic or a important part of it is the things kambo can remove from the body that cannot be removed in other ways.

After practicing reverse burping after applying a few dots I became able to control my vomiting reflex around 99% or greater, as in I may get pangs of nausea and even experience my guts clench to try to force bowel contents out the mouth but I never actually vomit anymore unless I allow myself to ever since the first time I tried reverse burping before and during kambo.

General Discussion / Re: The bowel purge and pathogenic biofilm
« on: August 13, 2014, 11:49:25 am »
I very much understand the spiritual centredness you describe and it's usually short lived window of well being feeling.

There is a large variety of pro-spiritual activities I have practiced over the past few years and many of them are things that are short lasting or only long lasting when you do them very often, some are very convenient one time shifts that just improve your life but these tend to be few and far between.

The very reason I shared that method of enema is because it has been one of the more effective of the one time things that caused a massive long term improvement in overall wellbeing and health. And that this long term improvement increases the effectiveness of almost all the other things you do like the spiritual centred you feel that lasts around twenty minutes after doing the enema once would likely last longer be much stronger and more full of a feeling spanning more planes, this has been my experience with the way this EO enema improves almost all spiritual and healthy practices, I think every person should have the chance to feel the amazing benefits this enema causes long term, there will be a lot of people who will not ever try this simply because of the stigma of putting something in their butt, and the toxic state these peoples bodies are in is a far greater discomfort to them than any enema ever could be. If you have enough balls to knowingly eat toxic food then you should have the balls to do an enema or two and get those toxins back out again but many of them will delude themselves with "it's bullshit I don't have to put anything in my butt to be healthy" and these people will never know what they are missing until they try and get it working, or maybe they will have to see all the amazing things the people who have tried it are able to accomplish, either way it's their quality of life they can be miserable if they want but they should keep in mind that if there is a cure for a condition and they refuse to take it because of fear or lack of familiarity it is the same thing as religious people refusing simple medicine for simple conditions because of their beliefs.

I would NEVER ingest any kind of oil made from cloves, I would not even use topically even if diluted 50-100 times. Clove bud essential oil is extremely dangerous when I shake my bottle open it and smell the opening with a deep breath and hold it in for 3-5 seconds I experience a wave of sensations that are very similar to being heavily drunk and smoking a large amount of indica cannabis, you really need be careful with clove it contains allylbenzenes and compounds that interact with them and their activating enzymes it contains to many potent actives to be safe to ingest just smelling the bottle is more than enough.

General Discussion / Re: The bowel purge and pathogenic biofilm
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:57:17 am »
I am fairly certain this would have lasted longer or possibly indefinitely if I had shifted my diet to super healthy organic only right after doing the enema, but I did not and I am almost certain going back to eating regular wester diet of shit and piss is the reason why the majority of the experience only lasted a week or two.

I am fairly confident the people eating 100% organic and raw healthy diets will be able to maintain this experience for months if not years or indefinitely if they were to do the enema once every 2 weeks or once a month, and if you did one super strong enema with these oils every 2-4 months and also used a diluted form with the same oils every week or two you would likely be able to maintain the first 3 days to a weeks worth of super clarity that you get from doing a concentrated form of this all the time by simply going hard on occasion and going light often.

I really cannot state enough that this will awaken the super genius in each of us if done correctly, this essential oil-salt enema I regard in my top 5-10 along with things like aya, iboga, and kambo.

You may find micro dosing iboga OR aya before AND after kambo may help you get the flush you seek but you must be careful using one of these two with kambo has a tendency to jump things to another level altogether beyond just purging from top and bottom. Ask kampum about this he is the resident expert in aya-kambo-aya and iboga-kambo-iboga.

Also I would highly recommend spacing aya and iboga at least 3 days to a week apart from one another for safety reasons that are to time consuming to explain all the details of.

 Iboga + aya = not safe, in the future we may find a safe method of taking both but right now I would not touch it and that is saying something because I have done some really fucking stupid and dangerous things in the past and some of them I would do again, Iboga + aya is not one of those things I would consider doing again until absolutely certain we could make it safe.

General Discussion / Re: The bowel purge and pathogenic biofilm
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:14:56 am »
I do not apply kambo very often at all but the handful of times I did only one of them I did a pre-kambo enema for.

My memory is not 100% about exactly what I used but what I can remember is:
Place pink Himalayan sea salt in a 1-2L jar, maybe a teaspoon or two.

Then add desired essential oils the ones I used were lemon, peppermint, rosemary, myrrh. That is the ones I can remember but those are enough to accomplish your goal and likely beyond. I think it was like 2-5 drops of each and mix it into the salt pile and let it sit for an hour or two.

Then pour 1-2L's of boiling hot purified water into the jar add lid and shake vigorously for 5-15 minutes and let sit for 5 minutes after, before adding some or all of this to an enema bag first wait for it to cool to a temperature that is warmer than your insides but not hot enough to burn or flush you too early.

If you do this properly you can expect to feel like god for 3 days to a week or more, regardless if you use kambo or not.

When I first did this it dislodged massive physical blockages in my brain that I never knew I had until a few hours after doing this, I am talking about actual physical matter In the brain that does not belong not mental blockages.

Before my brain felt like a riverbed made of concrete and the fluids passing through it felt like sand, very unpleasant. After doing it my brain felt like a series of suspended fluids of different densities all moving in different directions all over the place freely amongst each other without resistance of any kind. Pretty sure it reset a considerable chunk of my brain, pretty much after doing it sensations and thoughts and imagination and essentially anything that made any part of the brain activate I would feel extremely clearly that exact location in my head activating and what direction it was flowing and what "flavour" the sensation was, and also each time this flow would be extremely strong oxytocin like electricity throughout the entire area of the brain this liquid-electricity was flowing through, so essentially every thought every consideration, every sensation every feeling for almost a week felt like a full body orgasms potency concentrated in whatever part of my brain was activated by the sensation or thought.

This last paragraph^ this event caused me to learn about brain chemistry in a direct hands on way through the language inside a language that was the plasma-like liquid electricity and the flavour of the orgasm like feeling it caused.

For maybe 2-3 weeks this persisted getting weaker every so many days until lit almost entirely stopped but there are positive changes that never went away, and that was well over a year ago.

Because of how potent all the sensations become it sort of wakes up both the observer and the experiencer at the same time and allows you to see beyond the fog of placebo and nocebo to know the reality of reality beyond duality. The way this clears the fog and things feel deeper and fuller and crystal clarity to thought and sensation will literally awaken the sleeping hyper genius in anyone who tries this enough times to get it working right, I never did an enema before but managed to get it working on my first try and I will mention that kambo did get applied after I did that enema but I highly doubt the kambo was key to this, if it was I used I think 3-5 dots on the tips of m fingers and I have done the same kambo treatment before 2 times and it never did anything like what the enema caused.

I am not saying kambo is not as amazing as what I experienced, I find the two experiences are similar but different, I find kambo to Be more body detoxing while I found this enema made me feel like all the negative physical matter inside my brain was expelled.

Have you tried mixing in some DMSO gel?

no i have not.

dmso might be a bad choice i remember hearing it has unhealthy effects to it.

dmso is a bad choice some other options that would be safer and maybe work better would be any one of the following or any combination of them:

carrier oils like:
olive oil
sweet almond oil

oils to help absorption like: (almost all of these absorption oils need to be mixed with a carrier oil like those above)
peppermint eo
rosemary eo
camphor eo
clove eo
cinnamon eo
myrrh eo
lemongrass eo (myrecene type)
99% IPA

stomach and spleen are on the end of the thumb.

gallbladder and liver are on the end of the pointer finger.

small intestine and pericardium are on the end of the middle finger.

large intestine and lung are on the end of the ring finger.

bladder and kidney are on the end of the pinky finger.

i have an image that shows all these and lots more but it is to large file size to upload to this thread and i could not find it in google to link it.

so basically for these what you want to do is make 5-6 mixtures and each one is dedicated to 1 pair of 2 meridians, so at the end you should have 5-6 bottles and each bottle contains as many oils i outlined in my first post as you could get for the 2 meridians that bottle targets.

then you simply shake the bottle and dip 1 finger into the liquid then use the same finger on the opposite hand and rub those fingers together so you spread the oil all over the end of that finger on both hands.

to simplify that all you have to do is when you apply oil to the end of a finger also apply that oil to the same finger on the opposite hand.

once you apply a oil mix to both fingers you should let it sit for 5-30 minutes then wash it off with soap and hot water, you may need to wash your hands 2 or more times to get it all off, and even then you will sweat it out of the pores on your hands and the hands will smell a little like the mixture for day or more.

ATTENTION: this thread and the information i have posted in it right now is essentially capable of regenerating/repairing/healing/balancing almost the entire human body and almost every vital or major organ.

these targeted mixtures are essentially a cure all if you use them properly, if your body has 1 really bad problem that these oils do not cure right away keep taking the oil mixes as i have explained here because even if these oils cannot heal your specific ailment that does not matter because using these mixes as directed will heal your whole body and increase the efficiency of your bodies systems so strongly that the body will be able to overtake and repair whatever specific injury you may have.

this stuff in this thread will heal ALMOST everything, and the things it cannot heal it will instead heal every other part of your body so well that the other parts of your body will be able to heal the injury the mixtures could not. 

sometime soon i am going to test cycling kambo by applying the kambo as normal into burns, but i will be supplying lots of piperidine and or dimethylamine orally and inhibiting ALDH very strongly before application.

i will take ALDH inhibitors orally and topically to the location before burns are made.

i am intending on starting off with 1 small dot and if this does not do much after an hour i will add 2-3 more dots after taking more ALDH inhibitors.

i will most likely apply it to my shoulder/upper arm as i have seen done often in the traditional use, as this seems a standard place for dots and would be more predictable in its effects as compared to say ear application or 13 ghosts, 7 dragons, etc etc

this is a list of what essential oils are best applied to each pair of meridians.

i may have already posted this list to this forum.

this list was made by compiling information from many sources and cross referencing it to get the most complete picture.

Organ Meridian: Lung/Large Intestine
Essential Oils:
Cypress, Juniperberry,Pine, Clary Sage, Hyssop, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Frankincense, Teatree, Sweet Marjoram, Pinus, peppermint, inula

Organ Meridian: Heart/Small Intestine
Essential Oils:
melissa, ylang ylang, anise, lemon verbena, rose
Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Uterus
Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang ylang, Rosemary, Lemon, Laurel leaf, Teatree, Spikenard, Ginger, Cinnamon, Melissa

Organ Meridian: Stomach, Spleen
Essential Oils:
Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli,
Geranium, Myrrh, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Fennel, Vetiver, Coriander, dill, roman chamomile, kewda

Organ Meridian: Gallbladder/Liver
Essential Oils:
Orange Sweet, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Yarrow, Peppermint, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Rosemary, neroli, rosemary verbenon, lemon

Organ Meridian: Kidney/Bladder
Essential Oils:
Basil, Black pepper, Cedarwood, Juniperberry, Clary Sage, Geranium, Ginger, Roman Chamomile, Cypress, sandalwood

Organ Meridian:
Umbilicus/Diaphragm (triple heater/paricardium)
Essential Oils:
inula, lavender, ud, frankincense, spikenard
Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Uterus
Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang ylang, Rosemary, Lemon, Laurel leaf, Teatree, Spikenard, Ginger, Cinnamon, Melissa

Kambo Icaros / Re: No Malpractice
« on: March 17, 2014, 10:12:58 pm »
thank you very much for sharing this.

this stirs me XD

hare kambo

you would probably be able to ignore it and your body would heal the issue on its own if you were not feeling the pain that causes you to focus on the injury i have found this to often be the case.

you need actual REAL pain relief and strong pain killers will not provide this, the only way to actually overcome and kill the pain is to make yourself adapt to an even greater level of pain and then the initial injury will barely be felt and the loss of focus on the injury will allow the system to properly heal it for a number of reasons one being because the mind and emotions will not be sapping resources from the body to deal with the negative feelings brought on by the constant awareness of the injury from the pain.

a good way to do this is making a schedule of back and forth usage of kappa agonists and mu agonists (or the healthy option is to substitute the mu agonists with exercise instead), when you use them in an alternating pattern they increase one anothers potency and if you use the right agonists at the right doses with the right timing you can get to a state of not being able to feel pain at all for weeks at a time, and when you cannot feel the pain your body then has a massive influx of resources to divert into healing the actual injury instead of having to spread its resources to thin trying to deal with the pain and the emotional drain it induces at the same time.

mu agonists would be substances that induce a short lasting pain relief that is from an exogenous source, but in the long term they lower your pain threshold. the point of using them is not for the pain relief it is because they upregulate kappa receptors (increase the long term potency of kappa agonists by increasing the number of kappa receptors).

kappa agonists are substances that induce long lasting upregulation of the receptors that exogenous mu agonists often over-activate, this causes your body to raise its pain threshold long term.

the goal is very little mu agonism in between very often and very high dose kappa agonism. (start low with kappa agonism and work your way up to high dose kappa agonist intake).

another way of looking at the end goal is that you want high levels of mu receptors(long term) so normal endogenous endorphin activity is enhanced to the point of theraputic grade pain relief without the debilitating tolerance mu agonists induce.   

salvia is a potent kappa agonist but it is not ideal because it also hits things that reduce the good the kappa agonism would cause, what you want is something that is only kappa and also concentrated like peppermint essential oil, topical use is usually fine or inhalation, some brands are safe mixed with peanut butter sublingually or orally. you want a mu agonist that lasts 30 minutes ideally, peppermint oils kappa agonism lasts around 1 hour, from a state of total abstinence and sober at around 1 hour after taking 1 drop of peppermint oil sublingually with peanut butter you will begin to experience upregulation of your mu receptors that is quite noticeable because of natural everyday endorphin activity will be much much more pronounced, in fact most people have no clue what endorphins actually feel like on a totally endogenous level until they experience the kind of upregulation that peppermint oil can induce.

i have experienced terrors from peppermint oil that salvia is incapable of touching (mind you that was several high doses of peppermint), because salvia hits enjoyable receptors that reduce its tolerance reversing effects and suppress its kappa agonism from reaching to far, peppermint oil does not have these limiters it is pure kappa so you can go as far as you can handle if you are patient and re-dose peppermint every hour and a half or every 2 hours, 1 hour after dosing peppermint you want to dose a mu agonist that is short lasting like 30 minutes tops but only do this every 2nd peppermint dose. (or you can just exercise instead of taking a mu agonist, it is a much better option).

actually to be entirely honest i do not use mu agonists aside from the occasional beer, instead i just do exercise as a healthier alternative. the slow breathing i mentioned is a great example of a good physical exercise the idea is to take peppermint oil then exercise for like an hour or two then take it again and keep repeating this pattern, i find actually taking a mu agonist to cause negative drag on the long term goal of pain free you are aiming for essentially they might help a little in the short term but for the most part they are just a set back long term.   

exercise acts as a potent endorphin releasing agent that agonizes mu receptors in a much more healthy manner than exogenous substances that agonize mu.

i have mentioned some of these receptors because the entheogens have shown me that some of the receptors themselves are the actual entities and the plants are often just there to translate what our inner realities are trying to communicate to our directed awareness, in no way am i saying the medicines are not alive, what i am saying is it is a congregation of different entities some of them are inside of you some of them are the plants some of them are the entities that cause the plants to incarnate in the form they do as a communication medium into dimensions that ordinarily would not be communicable with (as in gifts from outside the 3rd dimension reaching in to help us, often at their expense).

Energy Cleansing (Treatment for "Panema") / Re: 13 Ghost Points
« on: February 27, 2014, 07:11:59 am »
i had not heard of them before now

i may have applied kambo to 1 of these 13 ghost points without knowing about the 13 ghost points, this application was probably done some time in the past 3-4 months i am not certain the exact date i did it, i think it was close to a new or full moon.

the points i hit were 2nd eye, 3rd eye, and possibly 4th eye all along the center of my forehead leading from just above the brow to just before the hairline.  it was 4 points in total, it was much more mental and less body purging.

when i did this application is was very unlike any other kambo treatment i have done in that this time there was less body flushing and expulsion of bile and toxins and instead there was a shorter lasting much much more intense and terrifying sort of breach into a new level i had never experienced before that was essentially composed entirely of a level of terror and dread that only salvia or iboga flood or indian-tabaco-huasca could come near touching.

it did not have the hours of terror and meat grinding pain and dread these others have had in the past but it was along the same lines but shorter and reaching farther in much more intense pain, the idea that that point may have been a ghost point makes a lot of sense because one of the major elements was as i was peaking there was a shift and for some reason i though "why do i do these things to myself, this is terrible i am not doing kambo ever again or anything else with unpleasant parts to it" essentially in the moment it is extremely bad but it also makes you think the bad will not subside quickly and you start pleading and making plans to avoid anything unpleasant in the future entirely and it convinces you in the moment that you should just cling to cozy comforting enjoyable things in life and avoid everything unpleasant entirely but that is not a healthy mindset because life has pains and sadness and that is a part of what makes the good parts good.

and it was funny because i was so convinced in that peak levels of intensity that i would avoid all discomfort from here on out and then the very next day i was considering doing another kambo application lol! hare kambo!

so yes for 5 minutes it reversed all my convictions about wanting to strengthen myself by enduring hardships but i understood hours later that this element was the hurdle to see if i would fall back into old patterns, and i did, for 5 minutes lol then when that 5 minutes ended i basically became opened up to an entirely new level of willingness to push myself harder frequently.

this has also now opened up for me the ability to essentially be able to do pathworking in 2 separate layers simultaneously, meaning as i pathwork i can do pathworking inside the pathworking! hare kambo! 

that is essentially a waking lucid dream that involves multiple layers of self induced inception.

i purged clear or yellow, if yellow it was very little. there was much more expulsion from the bottom end then my mouth.

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