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Introductions / Greetings from Chile
« on: December 25, 2017, 04:31:47 am »
Hello my friends, happy to come across this forum. I'm a new kambo user from Chile, and am very happy that kambo came into my life. Finished my first ceremony a week ago, and looking forward to many more! I wish everybody a year full of experiences and deep healing.
A big hug, brothers and sisters.

Journals / Ordeals / Help, trouble sleeping after 1st experience
« on: December 25, 2017, 04:27:50 am »
Hello everybody, im kinda new to kambo because i first heard of it 2 weeks ago, and i tried my first session (7 dots) last week. The benefits are really amazing, i finally overcame a depression that had me losing all interest and motivation in life for the past few years.
But i didn't come here today to post my whole experience, maybe thats a story for another day because i don't have much time now hahah.

My problem is that i've been having a lot of trouble to fall asleep since tuesday (1st kambo experience). Sleeping like 2-3 hours max per night. Yesterday i went to bed kinda early because i was really exhausted and sleepy, but i just couldn't fall asleep, it was so wierd. Is this common? Any healthy way to induce sleep after kambo?

Thank you very much for the help!

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