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General Discussion / Arranging Kambo ceremony in London
« on: August 25, 2013, 06:23:48 pm »
Hi all,

It's been a long while since I have been on this forum even though I do so like the frog medicine.  The reason is that I would like to invite people to come together to invite Giovanni Lattanzi over from the Netherlands to London.  I have done Kambo on my own but feel the effects would be heightened with a trained Kambo healer.  A day would consist of auricular acupuncture and some Kambo treatments.  There's also the possibility of Kambo and Iboga sessions too.  Email me at if you interested.


Journals / Ordeals / My third Kambo experience
« on: August 18, 2012, 04:20:50 pm »
My third experiecnce on Kambo and phew! that was the hardest one so far.  Unpleasant to say the least.

I had prepared by fasting for 20 hours but keeping well hydrated.  I took 500mg of Iboga root bark at 11.30am, and then did 9 dots at 4.30pm.  I had also taken Kambo 4 days prior - 7 dots.

After feeling pretty bad on 7 dots and nauseated but no actual vomitting, I decided to take it up to 9 dots this time. I did the burns on my upper arm as I am not yet properly trained in meridian points, and given that it is summertime, I don't want loads of symmetrical burn marks all over my arms and legs.

I have now got a routine whereby I lie on the floor of my bathroom with a bucket and the toilet fully ready.  I applied the dots and then started the timer - 1 hour and 1 minute.  It hit me fairly quickly but I managed to get all 9 dots on, and then started feeling gradually worse.  First came the usual pink flush and light headedness, but this time I felt my throat constrict so that swallowing was almost becoming difficult.  Also, the sheer discomfort was much higher.  For the first time I starting sweating and feeling generally too warm.  It was harsh.  I managed to measure my heart.  My resting heart rate before was 56, and this went up to 136 within 3 minutes!  I was breathing hard.  It felt like an effort and made me thankful that I have a strong heart and that I exercise regularly.

It was such an uncomfortable pain that I actually considered rubbing off the points for a minute, but hey, that would be no fun at all!  So I stuck with it.  I was just sitting there for ages, with my eyes closed (I couldn't focus on stuff), not being to be comfortable in any position and just getting through it.  I tried to meditate and just accept the pain, but I couldn't help scrunching up my face in pain, and rubbing my face with my hand. 

I thought I was going to throw up but nothing happened.  The urge came in small waves but at no point did I really feel the urge.  Strangely enough, throughout the entire hour it kept coming back. 

After 15 minutes, the worst of the feelings subsided, and at 20 minutes I felt a sudden calming, centering of my whole body....which was just as quickly taken over by the unpleasantness of wanting to vomit but not being able to.  When I was lying down and swallowing, the urge to vomit was there but as soon as I sat up it disappeared.

I eventually had bowel movements after an hour.  I'd expected it a lot sooner.  It was great when the timer rang and I could finally rub off the Kambo.  Short term gains - I've noticed the pain in my foot is gone - I think I may have broken a meta-tarsal - and my cough from the last 5 days has gone down very significantly.  I didn't cough a single time during the hour that the Kambo was on.

But unfortunately, despite upping the dosage to 9 points and all that discomfort, I still didn't vomit!  Which means I'm going to have to go to 11 points next time....arrrrghhhh!   It really does take will power to put yourself through a Kambo event multiple times, especially at high dosages.  I might wait a couple of weeks...or maybe I'll just do it when it feels right.  At the moment, I can't imagine doing that 3 times in a day!

Journals / Ordeals / Second Kambo experience
« on: August 14, 2012, 02:41:33 pm »
Hi guys,

So today I was reading the forums and got excited and motivated.  I found myself alone at home (a rare occurence) and realised that I was ready for a Kambo treatment, not least because I have a slight cough today.

It was a last minute decision so I didn't get to prepare as I would have wanted (by fasting 24 hours).  Instead I had eaten a salad and mackerel for lunch 3 hours previous, but this wasn't going to stop me.  If you've read my previous experience (5 dots prior to my first Iboga flood) you will know that I am fairly resistant to Kambo.  5 dots had very little effect, so I was planning on 7-9 dots this time.  Because of the meridian discussion, and the statement that meridian points are more effective than in the traditional line on the upper arm, I opted to go with 7 dots, with 2 dots back up if needed.

I guzzled some water, got the dots ready, and burned 7 dots on the:

Points 1 & 2) inside of my ankles - Kidney point 5
Points 3 & 4) on my wrists, on the little finger side - Heart point 7
Points 5 & 6) on the reverse side of my forearm, near the elbows - Large intestine 10
Point 7)  in the centre of my chest, 3 fingers up from the bottom of my central rib cage - A non-traditional point by the looks of it, but I read it was a good point for relieving anxiety and nervousness (pretty much where the Heart chakra would be)

After burning these points, and being careful to do as KP recommended and take off all the skin (required multiple burnings on each site), I added the Kambo points.  This time they stung in a way that they hadn't before.  The stinging gave me the distinct impression that the Kambo was going straight into my system in a very effective way.

Before long, I was feeling flushed and light headed.  My whole body looked pink, except for the toes on my left foot (big toe in particular) that looked purple rather than pink!  That was midly freaky but I didn't let it affect me.  I went straight to the bathroom as I fully expected to vomit after having had lunch.  As the Kambo kicked in I lay on the floor of my bathroom, being as careful not to rub any points off (I rubbed one point off after about 5 minutes though on my left ankle).  I felt nauseted but still hadn't vomitted after 5 mins.  Damn, I'd underdosed again.  I'd have to burn two more holes.  But once I sat up, I felt like I was about to pass out.  There was no way I'd be able make it to my room, sit on the bed and burn two new holes feeling like this.  I immediately put my head back to the floor before I actually did pass out.  It struck me at that point that if I had needed to vomit, I would probably have passed out from being on my knees.

Anyway, I lay there feeling bad for another 10 minutes and eventually felt alright to sit down and have a shit.  I then went and lay on my bed.  I noticed at this stage that I could see a red line on my forearms (as well as seeing my blue veins) that led to the heart meridian where I'd put a point on my wrist.  I assumed it was my arteries but that is just a guess. Interesting though, cos I've never seen this before.

I think I half fell asleep but I also felt conscious.  I still felt heavy in the stomach and nauseated throughout this time, but relatively fine, especially compared to a few minutes before  After an hour I wiped off the Kambo.  I then slept for 50 minutes.

I felt more awake after this, like I have had a cup of coffee, but I had just slept so this is to be expected I guess.  If I get any more benefits in the coming hours and days, I will post again on here.

It does make me think that next time I must give greater consideration to what it is I want to cure.  This time, I picked easy to find meridian points as it was my first exploration of meridians.  The kidney and heart made sense, and the others kinda just happened.  I can't help feeling that a proper "Giovanni" meridian point burning is in order.  I may consider travelling to Amsterdam for this one day. 


I've seen the title of this link but there's no information yet so I thought I'd start a thread to find out more.

I'm interested in doing 2 or possibly 3 Kambo sessions consecutively but what exactly are the benefits of the 2 treatments within a short time frame?

Journals / Ordeals / My first Kambo experience
« on: June 11, 2012, 12:57:21 pm »
I had my first Kambo experience and wanted to share it on this forum.

I need to point out that I flooded on Iboga 7hours later so
I can't report back the longer term effects.

I had alight meal the night before and then no food in the morning.  I drank a litre of water in advance until I was sure that I was properly hydrated. I then filled my stomach with some ginger tea just before the dots. At lunchtime my friend applied 5 dots. At this point it's worth mentioning that I am 6'7" and weigh 95kg (210 pounds) and generally quite resistant.

After taking it, my heart sped up a little, my skin turned pink and puffy, I started to get contractions in my intestines and light headed. However that's as far as it went. The cramping/contractions were unpleasant but ultimately not painful. About 15 mins into the xperience I fell asleep. I woke feeling fine but not particularly different.  About 3 or 4 hours I had a shit which emptied out my bowels. This was useful as it saved me having to do this during my Iboga flood.

Next time I will move onto 9 points, possibly 10, and take it from there. I'm glad that I didn't start with 3 as this would have been simply too light.

General Discussion / Buying Kambo in the UK?
« on: May 30, 2012, 05:06:33 pm »
Does anyone know of UK retailers of Kambo?

So far, I can only seem to find European vendors.

I have been microdosing on Iboga and had a coupe of wonderful dreams that have given me a great deal of peace.  I want to mix the Silene Capensis with the Iboga (get more vivid dreams that I can recall), but I am also going to purging on Kambo.  Do you think these can all be mixed up safely?

Introductions / Introduction to Avendagold
« on: May 12, 2012, 09:55:03 am »
Hi all,

I wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  I am a healthy 30 something year old from Europe.  I used to be constantly tired, get ill, had irritable bowel-like symptoms and generally lacked drive and motivation.  One day I started taking supplements with B vitamins and ginseng and found they made a big difference within a couple of days.  This started me down the road to a healthy lifestyle that now sees me eating a mainly vegetarian diet (seafood occasionally), with little chocolate, little bad fats, little alcohol, no smoking, and twice weekly exercise.  I still have intestinal problems every now again but nothing close to what I used to have.  As an aside, since eating honey on a daily basis, I get virtually no colds any more.  I am healthy and happier.

Having said that, I have issues from my past which mean that I am not good at public speaking and get anxious, which is stopping me from reaching my potential.  I am starting down the route of entheogens to help me get past these tricks of the mind and reach wisdom - my central goal in life. 

I believe that Kambo is a sacred medecine that will help me.  At the beginning I will be asking questions, and eventually will start reporting my experiences.

I am very interested to know how Kambo can be used to be prepare for an Iboga flood.  Any hints and tips?


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