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Kambo & Ayahuasca / Aya and Kambo
« on: January 11, 2016, 10:28:26 pm »
Hi all,

Not really ayahuasca I do pharma, and noticed that harmalas and Kambo don't go well together, I need more harmalas if I did Kambo microdosing the same day, and the other way around, so I avoid mixing, I just don't do my Kambo in the morning when I do pharma.

I do think that I need higher dose of harmalas since microdosing Kambo. There is no way to test it since I am constantly microdosing Kambo.

But I am sure something is clashing.

Best to all

Kambo & Other Sacraments / kambo negative interactions, Iboga peyote
« on: January 11, 2016, 10:21:15 pm »
Hi all,

I ahort I found out that if Kambo is high in the system and if other plants are ungested, so far Peyote and Iboga, it made me have terribly increased heart rate. My heart was jumping out of my body.

This doesn't happen when on ayahuasca, precisely in my case pharma. Maybe due to high harmalas intake.

I am positive by now that it is due to Kambo. I did a very small Iboga night, only 3 g of rootbark, and at one point my pulse and heart rate increased a lot. Which technically should be opposite, it should go Dow a bit at least, not up.

The similar situation happened when I was microdosing peyote and Kambo. Peyote at morning and Kambo evening. On just third day afer Kambo I had terrible increase of heart rate, I could even feel the arteries and the heart almost jumping out of my body.

If de teals needed let me know.
Best to all

Physical Cleansing and Healing of Illnesses / Microdosing for CFS/FM
« on: January 11, 2016, 10:15:33 pm »
Hi all,

Just to update my healing process:

I have been using Kambo dayly for past four months. One point only, the reaction is all but vomit, red face, stomach pain, red skin, lymph node pain...

I feel very very good, I almost don't feel sick, don't have head aches, lymph node pains, and generalized pain, no joint pain. I do get sometimes relapses, but they last up to two weeks, which in my book is nothing.

My need for sleep medicine has decreased by half, clonazepan and levomeprazamina, but I still need to take them.

I will start going to the gym and that would be a true test of how I am doing, I will star slow, but if I have low fever afterwords....

Regardless if I get to be fully functional so,far I feel better than I could even dream of, so even if I don't get there I feel I am functional.

As you can imagine I am burned all over the place and I do it only on my legs since the scars are a bit too much on the arms.

I don't do heavy treatments any more, to me dayly maintenance at this point is vital.

I have not seen any problem doing it dayly for months, so so far so good.

Best to all

General Discussion / $ Kambo
« on: October 06, 2014, 02:14:18 pm »
Hi all,

i havent been active on this forum, so kind of feel guilty :-[

But I am about to run out of my Kambo. I used to get it from Maya, but they are out of stock. I don t know where else I can get it, and search on the web didn t get me anywhere.

Any suggestions?


Journals / Ordeals / Kambo doesn't cure CFS/FM
« on: August 24, 2013, 07:21:29 pm »
Hi all Kambo Nation,

I had a pm from a member, and was asked if Kambo cures CFS/FM. I almost forgot to follow up on my journey, but here is where I am at:

- Kambo doesn't cure CFS/FM, the symptoms have their own life in my body... still.
- I am on it all the time, so Kambo does keep me "up" and "running"
- when I do Mimosa, I am less, since the interaction is strange, even after two weeks brake.
- I found Mimosa helped me more then Kambo (but after a year of regular Kambo use), Iboga did nothing for me.

wish I could be more upbeat, but this is reality.

Kambo & Ayahuasca / Mimosa and Kambo
« on: June 01, 2013, 10:28:00 pm »
Hi all,

I will elaborate more on this, but I did Kambo this morning. It totally f***d me up:

1. reguralr vomit 4and the frog face...
2. than I crashed, I couldn't move in the bed for 3 hours, my man was not paying attention to me (!), thinking I was sleeping, I was not, I was very cold but couldn't communicate anything. I was motionless in bed for 3 hours, I had visions, not strong though.  I was not sure if I slept or not, I don't think so, but not sure.
3. after about 3 hours I could get up and talk (not very well), my face was still very deformed, couldn't walk well.
4. The rest of the day, (still) I could do nothing, I was in bed all day.

This is very different then the regular treatments, I have done them along with Caapi and Iboga, but this was totally unexpected, so I conclude it was Mimosa - dmt that did it all, but what was interesting and unexpected is that my last Mimosa was 2 weeks ago: and it was 1,5 g of Caapi extract, and 2g of Mimosa cold extraction via H3P04... This is a very strong Pharmahuasca treatment that has us knocked down to the bed for 3,5 hours. I was totally taken by surprise that Kambo will kind of take on it in a strange way.

I want to add that I did this Mimosa treatment in past 6 weeks, every alternate week end. It enormously improved my immune system, even more then Kambo: the lymp node behind my ear was gone, and the sore throat and sinus infection gone, that Kambo couldn't take out, I will elaborate more on it, I didn't expect ANY immune system improvement form DMT.

After two weeks after DMT, I ran out of Caapi, and my immune system started acting up again, so I did Kambo today, but as you can see... I'll let you, what tomorrow has for me...



I don't feel bad physically, but I feel a little emotional. My immune system is much better: clear sinus, throat, light head ache though in the afternoon. After all I do think it did reactivated a Mimosa treatment from 2 weeks.

Working with CFS/FM.

To understand how Kabmo reacts with CFS/FM and how the healing process may take place can be tricky, for the reason that this is a chronic condition that has been with us for months and years.

It is more than normal to be psychologically challenged with his condition, and it could be good idea to clear the mind form depression/anxiety,  and then to face  its immunological aspect with Kambo.

For this purpose I suggest working with Caapi and Iboga root bark, as microdosing. If interested, we can right guide for there practices.

I am not implying months of work with the mind plants, just a couple of weeks. The work can be continued while with Kambo, but it will give an important balance of body - mind interaction.


It is good to know where we are as regarding our health before we start the Kambo healing.  The reason why is that as patients we are highly unrealistic regarding our present condition, as well as our expectations of how and when we will get better. I wrote a simple guide to see how deep we are limited with CFS/FM.

Here are 3 states of health we may find ourselves:


This doesn't mean that we can't get out of the bed and that we are in dippers. For our purpose it means:
- that every hour we must lay down
- every activity is a shore, we must schedule around the bed time. So lets say we have to answer some e-mails: we have to plan ahead of time that we will have a rest before doing it, and not that we are doing the dishes and then going to our mails, we can't do it.

- when we leave the house we carry money for the taxi in fear that we may not have the energy to come back home.

- we leave the house, but after few minutes waling we found out that we actually "can't" continue, and we better walk back to the house, because we are not sure if we will be able to do it after the errand.

- If we have to see our doc. we schedule it ahead of time and try to get enough rest two days before so we can make it. If our friend is living next door to docs office, we can't see him, it has to be one shot a day.


- we can leave the house to see our doc, and then we can stop by to see our friend, but it can't pass 15:00 hours. We prefer to be at home in the afternoon, whole day out of the house is " a lot". We may be envious of other being able to spend the whole day out, and "even have a dinner", but we are wise to stay in. So lets say we have half day "safe" and doesn't have to be planned.

- we can't do dinners, after 17;00 hours we better be at home.

- we can't free lance job, since we never know if we can get out of the bed on time in the morning, and the afternoon is not much of functioning time.  The daily life take much too much of time.

- we don't know when we are going to be hit with 3 months of BED BOUND episode, but by now we know that that episode will end eventually.


- we go to work ( probably the work that is on chair, standing works of any kind, or works that have lifting or a lots of walking will be impossible)
- we have to go home after work most of the time. Sometimes we see friends for dinner after work, but it feels as "too much".
- we may take yoga class in the gym, and maybe do weights once, twice a week, when we used to do weights and yoga 6 x week.  Now we do yoga, even light yoga, Ashtanga would be too much, and maybe prefer steam room instead of any activity.
- maybe we go drinking Friday night, but we realize that we need a whole week end to recuperate, so eventually we see that it kind of doesn't make sense to do it.
- our social life is dying off slowly.
- if we get a cold/flu, it takes us a month or two to get where we were before. It happens few times a year. We start getting to be fearful that our boss is going to notice that we are sicker then normal human being, and affecting the business...
- we go to see a doc and no diagnosis, our blood work is fine, we are send to se a psychiatrist and we are fine too, we may be prescribed antidepressants but we see no change...
Usually this is how it starts, and ends as BED BOUND.


Now we see the seriousness of this condition.  It is totally unrealistic to be healed quickly, if at all.

Yet Kambo offers very impressive healing powers, and I invite you to try them.

Even though there is a change after one treatment, (sometimes to worst thought), In the world of CFS/FM every change and progress is measured in months: you ask yourself: - last month how did I do, 3 months ago how did I do comparing to now. This is the attitude.

good luck to all
and hope you take the ride, it has a lot to offer

Application / Burning Stick
« on: April 17, 2013, 11:20:15 am »
Hi Kambo Nation,

I want to share my experience with the burning stick.

First I had BAMBOO stick send to my by Maya. I used it, and had "normal" marks, light color change. I am a white boy with darker shade of white, and no matter what I did it always left the mark. For that reason I started doing it on my legs...

Then I ran out of bamboo, and I just took some random branch from the nature. At first i was very pleased. The branch would burn and have the red very strong and long lasting (don't know the word in english for red after fire...). I would have just to touch the skin, and would have nice burn.

Yet at the same time I started to use some strange desinfectant, blue of color, like violet. I did my burns above the ankle, and sometimes they would get infected, so I would put few drops on the burns.

I started to notice that my skin got colored, but I thought it was going to go away, or it was due to the desinfectatnt. Well it DIDN'T... After few months by now I have many dark, very dark burns on my legs.

I eventually stopped using my favorite stick, and got back to bamboo, and the marks are "ok", I do have to hold a "red" on the skin for 2 quick seconds, I count one, two quickly ( when with the other one I had to just touch the skin).

So don't use the wood that has strong temperature, the marks are like tatoos.

My English is kind of wrong, so if moderator can correct it ti would be appreciated.


Journals / Ordeals / Kambo Caapi
« on: April 07, 2013, 01:11:44 pm »
Hi all,

I have found out that taking 100g of Caapi brew, 2 days after the Kambo treatment, puts me to nap. For my condition CFS/ME, napping with no drugs has been impossible for past 25 years. This goes away in 4 days.

I have now 1/2kg of Caapi so I will see how this will play out. I intend to take Caapi 2 days after Kambo.

I found out that the body needs 2 days to kind of settle after Kambo, when i took Caapi the same day, my body didn't react well

I am wondering if I can take the actual bark instead of cooking it for hours? Also I will do it weekly. I will not take MAOI daily... What about syrian rue?

Any thoughts?


Journals / Ordeals / XXX one year after
« on: April 07, 2013, 01:04:26 pm »
Hi all Kambo Nation,

It has been a year since I started my Kambo miracle. I've done it at least once a week, up to 3 x week.

On the good side, this Sunday I was doubting if I should go for a motorcycle ride or do Kambo. I did Kambo, since my husband is not feeling good. But the point is that for the first time in a year I didn't feel the need to do it.  This is great!

A member Hip has asked me some questions by PM, but I will make them public so other can share the info:

1. How are your CFS symptoms at the moment, by the way? Still in remission?

I am not well, it is still long way to go.  But there are days when I forget i have CFS/ME, and as I mentioned, this Sunday, I was to skip my session. I used to do weight lifting, this will be a true test... physical stress is the true test if I am really getting to be a normal person.

2. Are you continuing to take kambo once a week? I am amazed at your courage in taking kambo. Do you find taking kambo weekly a bit of a chore, or don't you mind? Do you have to kind psych yourself up for doing a kambo session, or are you just calmly taking in your stride now?

Yes, when it hits you to vomit, and feel you are kind of dying, you go, oh not again, (it is so short, anyway)... But every time I am looking forward to do it, BECAUSE I FEEL BETTER, so I would and will do anything to feel better.

3. I am just too apprehensive about going through the full kambo experience at present, which is why I am hoping that taking just dermorphin might work. But as you say, it could be a combination of ingredients in kambo that act together.

Actually, it is not a big deal, I think that there is a lots of info on how to do it, start slow and build up.  I think Kambo is much more then dermorphin, but let us know.

best to all Kambo Race

Physical Cleansing and Healing of Illnesses / CFS FM and ME
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:06:27 pm »
Hi all,

a member of the forum Hip, who also has CFS, has asked me few questions regarding Kambo and CFS/FM/ME. I am more then glad to answer the questions, since so far I haven't find any interest for the topic. I have put in the title FM and ME in hope that in search engines will pick it up, so some can benefit form this info.

Hip aks:
Incidentally, when you first started taking kambo, how long did it take before you started feeling better, and your CFS symptoms started going? From what I read  in your threads, it was a matter of a week or two. Is that right? Did you go from bedbound to heathy in a week or so?

Actually yes, I would say that it took two treatments, two weeks to get out of bed.  But over all this is how it looks:

I do the treatment in the morning, and generally, and especially the first day I am in terrible pain, I take some pain killers Metamizol Sodico, not avilable in the USA, but here is over the counter, it is many times stornger than Advil. This night sleep is OK, or same as before.

It is difficult too, the more points I do, the more difficult it is, so I don't plan anyting for the following day. This night sleep is WORST, even with same meds, and I take very strong meds,  It takes me two hours to get to sleep, and I tend to wake up. (which in never the case when not on Kambo)

The third day you start to feel much better. I can do 35% more activity then normally.

I feel really good. Sleep goes to normal, or standard I would say...

As good as 4

The symptoms seem to creep in again: more blurry vision, body odor increases, overall pain increases, the sinus problem is back, and the afternoon fatigue is stronger, I sweat for no reason, my feet and hands get cold, even when very warm outside, and my lymph nodes start acting up, and my Irritable bowel syndrome gets back again (IBS) stronger ....

and guess what?        I am ready for the new treatment.... DAY 7... lol ... and it has been the case ever since last April 2010.

Over all my partner says that I have less down days then usual.  He sees my face "drops", and I look tired and angry, he says I have much less days like that.  So it is not like addiction situation, since I do progress over all a lot.

I just want to say that sometimes I do even do it two times a week. Any viral condition in my case gets worst, like a common cold, intestinal infection, or a flu... then I would do more often...

Has your sleep got better from the kambo treatment?

Actually NO, it only does if I add Caapi to it, 3 days after. If I do it the following day... that night I can't sleep at all, and it doesn't feel right, It has to be 3 days after Kambo to induce deep naps in the afternoon: I have to say I NEVER HAVE GONE TO SLEEP WITHOUT THE MEDS FOR 25 YEARS, any kind of sleep.... so in my case this is revolutionary...

Hip asks:
Did your other CFS symptoms improve from kambo too? Typical CFS symptoms are: memory problems and forgetfulness, brain fog, noise or light sensitivity, anxiety/depression. Did you have these, and if so, did these symptoms all improve or disappear on kambo?

I don't have: noise or light sensitivity, anxiety/depression, but I do have a pain in the eyes, and blurry vision (this symptom decreases a lot, and then it does come back), as well as brain fog. I especially get it in the afternoon, I almost don't get it at all...

More then anyting I don't want to make false expectations. It did take me 2 weeks to get out of the bed, but I had been in bed by then some 2 months, which would have happened by that time. It could have been one month more though. But I would say it cuts my bed time in half I would say.  In past few years I have 2-3 months of bed time 2 times a year, which is already good for me, since since 2001 to 2006 I was bed bound, so I got better on my own body forces (which is already good for me), but now with Kambo, the change is "magical".

I think I am one of the worst cases, I am on disability, but others who work, either part or full time will get full health with few treatments with no doubt.

I am eager to see some of us CFS use the treatment.

good luck

Hi all,

my thread went in a different direction but very interesting one. I wonder if it could be explored in a new thread.

in this thread by the end the discussion I am interested starts:

One of my main porblems with CFS, is the sleep. After physical stress, my body doesn't sleep. Nothing made it better, yet just two weeks ago something happened:

I did Kambo on Sunday and then Caapi 100mg brew on Wednesday. For a week I could take naps. For me that hasn't happened in 25 years.

I got confused, didn't know what caused it, it was not Kambo, because I did it for 6 months and it didn't produce sleep. If I do Caapi alone it doesn't produce sleep either.

Yet in a thread, I mentioned Peaceful Warrior, talks about blue lotus and dopamine interruptions.

Yet on Wiki I found out:

Dopamine is directly broken down into inactive metabolites by two enzymes, monoamine oxidase (MAO) and catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT). It is equally metabolized by the two respective isoforms of MAO, MAO-A and MAO-B.

So in other words, MAOI, or Caapi, INCREASES the dopamine (?).

then on :

Dopamine is located adjacent to where Endorphin is released in the brain. And so there is a link, so that when Dopamine function declines, so does Endorphin function. Endorphins regulate pain. And so, pain increases when stress causes the Dopamine function to fail.

What would be connection with Kambo and Caapi to cause the sleep?

It seems that Blue Lotus does exactly the opposite, right? it suppresses the dopamine.

Any ideas?

I am just brain storming, but I am onto something very important for my health, so I guess I would have to practice with all this plants and Kambo to see what will do it.


Physical Cleansing and Healing of Illnesses / XXX large report
« on: November 17, 2012, 03:46:47 pm »
Hi all,

this is long version of my healing process, the other two posts, that give some more info are:

here is the longer 7 months report:

This is a report following these two threads I posted.

Since last May 2012 until October 2012 I have been using "strong" Kambo every Sunday. Latey I use "light" 3x month, and "strong" 1x month.

I call it "light" Kambo wich is no vomiting, and "strong" which is vomiting more then 5 times.

My condition has improved dramatically, and that was the reason for such intense usage:

1. I dropped my prescription sleeping medication to half.
2. I don't have head ackes.
3. My Irritable bowl syndrome is almost gone.
4. I have energy to go through a day.

I will continue to use Kambo until I feel I am like the rest of normal people.

One of the biggest challenges is sleep.

Last few weeks I did Aya only, or caapi only brew 100g, for three consecutive fridays. Something interesting is happening: I WAS NAPPING!!!!!! I haven't sleep at night without sleeping aid for 25 years, let alone napping... I don't want to get too excited over it, but I am tapping onto something, and I will see how it will unfold.

In short first few months were very difficult. During the Kambo treatment I had terrible body and head pains. I had to take pain killers. Following day I would be wasted, couldn't do anything. Day 2,3 and 4 I would be better: from Kambo and from my CFS symptoms, yet they would be coming back again, what made me rush and do Kambo following Sunday.

This is in short form, and here is a large one:

Kambo report

I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia FM, in some countries is called  myalgic encephalitis or ME.

The symptoms and improvements:

headaches - almost gone
sinus and throat irritation and infections - completely gone
lymphatic node pains - gone after 5 months of treatments
cold sweats - gone
joint pain - gone
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) / diarrhea - two steps forward one back
blurry vision - gone
insomnia - from two prescription medication I take only one, this is a great improvement
muscle pain -  gone
fatigue, or feeling of heaviness, I feel good until 7 pm ( this is not bad for me at all)
tongue coating - no heavy coating, but not good
memory problem - great for few days, only to slightly goes worst before next treatment
body odor - Kambo will take it out, In my case it represent how bad I am doing, and now don't have bad body odor.

Yet the symptoms recur, but it is not expected to disappear for all and good.

These are the improvements on specific symptoms, yet, I have started the treatments in May, when I was bed bound for a mont. Within two weeks I could get out of the bed thanks to Kambo, had in not been for Kambo, the way I know my body it will take me at least two months to feel better and get out of the bed.

First two months into the treatment I will feel lightheaded when getting up form the chair, so much that all will turn white, and sometimes I even had to hold a wall, or even to sit down again and the slowly get up. Now this almost doesn't happen.

I would say that I am 70 % better. My goal is to drop the sleep medication and have no IBS.

I used to do big burns, like dime seize, since it is easier to put the medicine on, they dont' cure nicely, but it is easy to apply the medicine. I do two on the leg, and two on the arm. I used to do close to the joint, but I started getting cracking, so I do it away from the knee or elbow.

I do it in the morning, and right before I apply the dose I stuff myself with salty water 1,5 L, so it is easy to vomit.

That day I don't eat, drink lemon water and coffee.

I feel pretty bad that day: strong headaches and body aches, on the light dose this gets better the following day, yet on the heavy dose I have to wait for 3 days to get better, I can't leave the house. I do take painkillers for the pain though.

Yet this is getting better too, at first the headaches on Kambo were excruciating, as well as the body pains, now 4 months in are getting much more bearable.

I have a lots of bowel pains on Kambo, and it seems that it is fundamental in getting better, for that reason I do it below my knee, and for esthetic purposes.

I will keep this tempo until I get more results in sleep pattern and in bowel movements.

This maybe doesn't seem impressive for general audience, but for me it has been the single thing that made the biggest difference, and gave me the security that at least I will not be in the bed for months on end, but with the hope to be more functional and close to normal human being.

My wish is that many people with my condition get the treatments and benefit, there is absolutely nothing for us, by conventional or alternative medicine.

 We are practically living dead: and somehow this frog has so much to offer for us, how strange isn't it?


Introductions / unCURABLEme
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:15:32 pm »
Hi all kamobo people,

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that turned into Fibromyalgia when I became disabled and became living corpse, that happened in 2001, after 7 years fighting with it.

The 7 years I spend probably arund $US 100K if not more, I don't want to know. I did all possible:
1. IV vitamine and mineral drips, vit C
2. live food, enzyme eating.
3. wheat grass and Spirulina fasting in duration of 3 weeks. (invention by Queen Afua), many of those.
4. B3 Niacin detox in sauna, 3 weeks dayly 5 hours in sauna with 3000mg of B3, this based on Clear body Clear Mind by John Hubbard (nuts, but the treatments are great)
5. Injections of Ozone in the blood.
6. Pancha Karma, various treatments, 3 months in Maharishi style (TM guy), but I did many in India, various schools of Ayurveda.
7. Peak Performance. for brain waves, since insomnia is one of the main factors...
8. Magnetic treatments.
9. not to forget conventional "treatments", which was antidepressants, which I was never depressed, it only actually made me depressed and, and soft below my legs... I just wanted to give them a chance.
10. Traditional Chinese Medicine, in China Town, by a experienced TCM doctor, for a year and a half. I have been cooking the herbs EVERY DAY. If anybody know what this is then gets the idea, and had two or three times a week acupuncture.
11. I did one year of psychoanalysis, 4 x week.

This all was since 1993 to 2001. Some helped, some worsened, but eventually I ended up in bed. I could hardly move. I left New York, my career as a video and film maker, and left to Mexico to "get better".

One can imagine the $ spend on all this, not to mention the HOPE of being able to make it to the fridge, and to make it to the food coop. And in New Age language it was MY fault for not letting myself "be".

I think Kambo can change this. I just mentioned the treatments I have done, and that I won't be a sucker to call anything a "cure" if it is not.

Yet I have good reasons to believe it will cure me ( I have not lost hope, even it sounds human I have).

I will keep posting here like a blog on how it is going. Or maybe I will make a blog, separate, so i don't bore people with "symptoms" of CFS and FM. We go on and on with details. There two conditions are "clusters" of symptoms, so it is important and telling to "us" patients, to discuss these symptoms.

ok, this was my treatments report.


Diet before and after / Virechana for Kambo
« on: May 01, 2012, 01:16:26 pm »

I am using this exotic word, which is purging in Ayurveda. I did it on my own based on the istructions of my friend who did it in a Pancha Karma threatment:

1. you drink 3 big glasses of wather with salt.
2. after 15 minutes you induce with the finger the purge.

I do it few times and it is relativly easy.

My 3 Kambo experiences went this way.

1. I drank 1,5. L of salty water right before burning and placing dots. Two time it went fine: I purged well and easy on my body... BUT 3rd time it didn't go well:

I was dehydrated it seems, so my body was 'absorbing' the water that I assigned for purging. So when I started purging, I had no water to take out, and I was gageing (don't know how to spell it), 4 times, little water coming out.

It was painful and exhaustfull. So next time I will make sure I have enough water in my belly for the process.

I also tried to drink water, but it was too late, it felt like throwing rocks in my body...


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