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Precautions / Sleeping after kambo
« on: September 27, 2012, 04:09:06 pm »
Every time I have done kambo so far, I had insomnia the following night, even when I just did it in the morning. I will be doing kambo and iboga for 6 days in a row with Giovanni Lattanzi and since I'm already having trouble with insomnia, I'm wondering what if I'll be able to sleep at all during those 6 days. Are there points where one will just fall asleep from exhaustion after doing kambo and/or iboga? I notice that while I'm on kambo I get so tired that I can barely sit up (while lying on the bathroom floor) to vomit in the toilet so I can see myself falling asleep during periods like that. I have yet to do iboga though and I will be starting with low doses (taking them in the evening) and increasing the dose each day. I'm hoping to do a flood dose on the last day but I don't know if Giovanni administers floods when he does this kind of therapy. I'm not worried about the insomnia that may follow because I can at least get one nights sleep by taking ambien or something but I won't take any benzo type drug during the 6 days because I've heard iboga induces anxiety if taken after doing benzos.

Application / Making bigger burns
« on: September 17, 2012, 12:15:21 pm »
In my first experience, I made 3 big burns but only ended up applying kambo to two of them. It was the only time that I saw psychedelic visuals during the experience so I'm guessing it was a strong one. Applying kambo to 5 small dots isn't much of an issue but I imagine it gets tricky if you have 10 or more dots to apply. I think if one wants a very powerful application, then big burns are the way to go. The scars from my first application are 1cm in diameter whereas the scars from my subsequent applications are 0.5cm in diameter. When applying many small dots, the effects come on well before you're finished applying but if you only have 3 dots to apply, you can get it done in about 10 seconds.

Journals / Ordeals / Kambo for mild benzo PAWS
« on: September 15, 2012, 06:40:43 pm »
I just did 7 dots, 5 on my right arm, 2 on my shoulder and the experience was short but intense. Right now I feel great, I can't feel any withdrawal symptoms at all so I feel like I did before I ever did benzos but much better because I have energy right now and feel light (whereas I usually feel sluggish and heavy). I was having mild depression for the past few days after taking phenibut which didn't agree with me but thats gone. I think kambo does in fact help with benzo withdrawal symptoms, mainly the dyshporia part. Last month when I started doing kambo the day after quitting xanax and I have felt good every day since. Maybe its a coincidence, maybe not. Way more experimentation needs to be done. I think people with long lasting benzo withdrawal symptoms who have exhausted all other options would be willing to try kambo.

Precautions / Not overdoing it with the burns
« on: September 15, 2012, 06:12:46 pm »
I see that I've been making my burns far too intense because I can tell that the scars are going to be permanent. I don't mind because my t-shirt covers them and they look good in my opinion (they're in rows of 5), plus I like having a permanent mark to remind me of my initiation into kambo but for anyone here who is new to kambo and wants to avoid permanent scarring, go easy. A very mild burn is all thats needed. What I was doing was heating the stick until red hot, then prodding it into my arm and holding it there until my skin completely quenched all heat. Thats completely overdoing it, in videos of Matses shamans applying it, they just touch the skin with the hot vine for under a second. I did kambo today, and this time I just briefly touched my skin with the hot tip and made very mild burns but it turned out to be my most intense experience so far.

I'm always brave before I apply the kambo, but within minutes after applying the dots, all I can think about is when the experience will end. My usual reaction is to ask the spirit to end it because its so agonising that I handle it. This is only during the very harsh first 5-10 minutes but I want to become a warrior and just face the whole experience head on without backing down. I have learned to become a warrior in other aspects of my life (sleep paralysis being one) but it takes some serious guts to face kambo head on. I think I will eventually reach the point where I can do it. I know that philosophy/beliefs/thoughts play a large role. Today when I was lying on the floor hoping for the experience to end, I remembered that I am going to see Giovanni so I will have a lot more of these ordeals to come, on top of the challenges iboga throws at me and then my desire to flee from the challenging experience went away and I just accepted it.

How is it for all of you? Have you learned to face the kambo experience head on like a warrior yet? I'm aware that the people on this forum are warriors to begin with as it takes a certain degree of courage and resilience to work with this substance regularly but the intensity of the initial suffering is quite intense, I'd imagine it breaks everyone down, no matter how brave and tough when they first start working with it.  I suspect that one eventually learns to accept suffering as it comes, i.e. the warrior mentality. However, I'm aware that with intense experiences brought on by some substances such as ayahuasca, salvia and psilocybe, one has no choice but to surrender because the nature of the experience is beyond anything any 3D human is capable of handling.

Kambo & Rapé / Nu-Nu Snuff / Singado internasal tea / Nu-nu
« on: September 15, 2012, 08:21:59 am »
Someone here posted a zip file with two articles on the Matses. I read one of them and in it they described how the hunters will use nu-nu in a way that makes them lose consciousness, then they receive visions. They talked about how the hunter projects a spirit body (called an anima) into the jungle while he is sleeping which I found pretty interesting. Is nu-nu only used for hunting, or can it be used for healing too? If it can be used to communicate with the spirit world and gain information useful for hunting, I wonder if the same can be done for healing.

Application / Why on the new moon?
« on: August 29, 2012, 06:23:57 am »
I've heard people recommend applying kambo on the new moon. Whats the reasoning behind this?

General Discussion / How long does it take before you see results?
« on: August 26, 2012, 02:51:48 pm »
Kambo didn't seem to help my immune system at all so far, I still have these cold/flu symptoms which are gradually escalating. I though that it didn't work for my mild benzo withdrawal symptoms and it definitely didn't have any immediate effects on that but its been around 7 days now and my withdrawal symptoms are surprisingly mild. I don't really have any symptoms besides a bit of agitation and trouble sleeping. The last time I quit xanax I was getting waves of depression every day but not this time. Also something unusual I've noticed is that I have energy. This was the intention I stated before taking kambo my first 2 times. My energy levels seem to be increasing by the day. Is it normal for one to start seeing results over 5 days after taking kambo? I don't know whether kambo has cured my depression, but my depression seems to been gone for a few days now. I feel good but whats very unusual for me is I have energy all day, it was not like this before I did the kambo. I had read that kambo gives one energy immediately after doing it but I was even more drowsy than usual for a few days after taking it so it was not immediate at all for me.

As for my immune system, I didn't state that as my intention before doing kambo yet, I was focused on curing this drowsiness/depression and benzo w/d symptoms but now I'm getting sick (had a sinus infection for weeks now but its starting to spread to my lungs now) so I'm thinking of doing kambo again with the intention of physically healing. When does one start seeing the healing effects after doing kambo, is it an immediate thing for you, or is it a long term thing?

Energy Cleansing (Treatment for "Panema") / How to rid oneself of panema
« on: August 19, 2012, 04:25:41 pm »
My father is an occultist and when I moved to his city, I hung around with him for quite a bit and I noticed that I was gradually losing the willpower to do anything. I assumed this was just my own personal weakness but my brother and his friend who I was living with claimed that the same thing was happening to them. They had no contact with my father at all so it was somehow spreading from me to them. They were gradually feeling like they couldn't do anything. Thats pretty bizarre, is this clear evidence that there was something spiritual involved? My father most likely considers me an ally but hes very psychologically messed up and hes claimed that he has entities attached to him. I used to be relatively lucky until I met my father when I was 15, then after that I started gradually becoming unlucky. I suspect that this is the very thing that some call panema. Whether there is someone or something intentionally and consciously causing it or not I have no idea but I've been slowly recovering from it since I moved back to my old country and lost contact with my father but I still haven't fully recovered. Over the course of two days, I applied 7 dots (2 very large ones) to my left arm. I'm feeling a lot stronger spiritually now but I think I should do it again, next new moon. My brother has had serious problems which I suspect are spiritual ones, I would like to help him with it if possible. My intentions are purely altruistic in this case so I think the kambo will allow me to do it to my brother.

What would you recommend for this? Would 3 x 3 dot applications on the left arm over the course of a day or two suffice? I don't want to scare my brother away from kambo by applying too many dots his first time so i'll definitely start with 3 but maybe ramp it up to 5.

General Discussion / What makes me sad/angry
« on: August 18, 2012, 07:27:10 pm »
I suspect that kambo will be banned in many countries, just like ayahuasca and iboga by the insidious, parasitic governments of these countries with very little opposition from the uninformed people of these countries. At the same time, the governments may be doing us a favour by cornering us like this. They force us to relinquish our attachment to the physical world (which is merely an illusion to begin with) and focus only on living in the spiritual world, which is all that really matters. This paradox seems to extend into all aspects of life. So theres really nothing to be sad/angry about because this is probably the very reason we are in this life thing. Only under these specific conditions can we have these specific experiences. Salvia revealed a great deal about the mechanisms of this thing we perceive to be reality. It showed me that what I perceive to be my external environment is actually consciousness itself and that I am not limited to this particular point of consciousness that I perceive to be me but am actually one with all consciousness.

General Discussion / Can Kambo be Reused?
« on: August 18, 2012, 05:29:50 pm »
Today, I left it on for about 40 minutes and the effects seemed to subside completely, even though I still had the venom on me. The first time I did kambo, I added more venom to my burns straight after my first experience and it didn't cause the ordinary effects, my body temperature and pulse didn't rise but I did feel pins and needles and other uncomfortable effects and my skin turned orange for some reason lol. I'm guessing that leaving it on for a full hour does cause additional effects. Have you tried wetting the globules or kambo after the additional application? Thats something I've been wondering. I've tried wetting used kambo then tasting the water and I can clearly taste the medicine. I'm wondering if the kambo can be reused since not all of the medicine present in the jelly is used up in a single application.

Journals / Ordeals / My 2nd kambo experience - Why didn't my face swell?
« on: August 17, 2012, 05:17:33 pm »
I applied 5 normal sized dots to my right arm. Right after applying, I realised I forgot to drink water so I went over to the sink and downed around half a liter but I felt sick so I made my way back to sit down and nearly fainted on the way. Like my first experience, my body temperature sky rocketed and I started pouring sweat.  I felt pretty ill so I went to the toilet to get sick and once again, purged all the contents of my stomach. After that I spent around 15 minutes lying down because I had no energy and shivering because I felt freezing. I didn't have the energy to get up and find something to wrap around me. Again, my eyes were completely blood shot and they only went back to normal when I started feeling better. My face didn't swell though. Is this a sign that I underdosed? I probably should have wet the blobs of kambo from time to time but I felt pretty ill and didn't want to intensify it. When all of you do kambo, does your face swell up every time? If not, is lack of swelling an indication that you underdosed? My experiences so far haven't been that intense. Only for a minute or so (at the start of the experience) did I feel like I may die, the rest of the time I struggled but I knew it would pass. Each time, after purging I felt WAY better.

As for results, so far my drowsiness is gone but I'll have to give that more time before making any conclusions because that comes and goes. That aggitated feeling that I get when I quit benzos is gone too but I'll have to give that a few days because that comes and goes too. I feel great now, its funny that around 20 minutes ago I was curled up in the fetal position groaning lol.

Complementary Modalities / Palo Santo
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:20:42 pm »
The kambo I ordered came with a piece of palo santo wood. If I'm not mistaken, its Spanish for holy wood. Is this wood traditionally burned during kambo ceremonies?

Journals / Ordeals / My first kambo purge
« on: August 17, 2012, 09:47:10 am »
I did it at home because it was too impractical to do it outdoors for my first time. I made 3 intense burns (way too big and intense I think) on my left arm, the burns were nearly 1cm in diameter, and very intense. I scraped the skin off each burn and the skin underneath was bright white. I then I covered two of the burns with kambo. I was cautious about covering the 3rd one and instead waited to see if I felt something. Literally in under a minute I started to feel very light headed and dizzy. I also started sweating profusely so I got scared and removed the kambo from my arms. At that point I had to lie down because I was feeling really weak so I went to a cool room and lay in the bed and noticed I was covered in sweat. Then I knew I was about to puke so I went to the bathroom and purged violently. Something strange is that the vomit was yellow. I haven't eaten anything today and I drank 1.5L of water about 10 minutes before applying the kambo, I should have just vomited up water. After puking I felt WAY better but still drained of energy so I lay down for about 10 minutes and noticed that I could see mild psychedelic visuals. I'm not frog faced but when I looked in the mirror after purging my eyes were completely bloodshot. I don't know whether to regret taking the medicine off now or not. The whole thing only lasted about 15 minutes. I feel pretty good now but my plan is to do it 3 times in a row to reap maximum benefits and tonight, I won't chicken out and remove the medicine.

EDIT: I'm thinking of doing it again since these burns are still fresh and since I completely overdid it with these burns, I want to make use of them. I'm going to drink another 1.5L of water and give it another go.

That yellow stuff that I puked up must be bial. It only took around 5 minutes before I had to purge, is that normal? Is purging all that bial a sign that I will get some therapeutic benefits from this experience? I'm going to do it again tonight but go easier on the burns. The kambo stick I ordered came with two wooden sticks which I think are for burning, they are about 3 times smaller than the chopstick I am using. Can anyone tell me the exact diameter in millimeters that these burns should be? If I'm making bigger burns then more medicine will be getting absorbed through each spot. I want to get a full on experience but I don't want to overdo it and overdose. The two burns where I applied the kambo are blood red and are stinging but the  other one is barely noticeable.

EDIT2: I was braver this time, I applied the medicine on all 3 spots and left it there. I didn't get light headed or dizzy at all this time but I felt pretty bad and got aches and pains all over. I didn't feel any urgent need to vomit this time but I decided to try and induce purging myself and I noticed that it was just water that came out so I stopped. After about 5 minutes I got a sharp pain in my abdomen like I got the first time and shortly after that I felt a slight need to vomit so I did and when I started, I couldn't stop and more yellow stuff came out. My eyes went completely bloodshot again and I got pretty weak but it was nowhere near as intense as the first time. Very strange since I applied 3 dots instead of 2 this time and held it there. Now my 3rd burn has turned blood red so it is definitely the medicine that does this.

I got hit with this wave of dejavu right before deciding to give the kambo another try and when I started feeling better and decided to give this update, it was 3:33. I timed it this time and it lasted around 30 minutes, not 15. I'm going to do the meridian method next time, maybe auricular. I'll either do it tonight or else I'll do my next 2 experiences tomorrow.

I want to try putting spots on the meridians that lightswitchedon described:

but I'll have trouble remembering all that when the time comes. Something to help me remember that I'm considering is poking myself with a needle in each of these spots. I could pierce the flesh just enough that I will be able to feel the tiny wounds when the time comes. I don't think I'd need to pierce the cartilage, just the flesh.

How do you all perform auricular spotting on yourself? Do you just memorise the locations before attempting it or have you come up with a method of marking it. I suppose I could just print out that picture and take it with me to wherever I'll be doing the kambo. I believe that kambo will completely rid me of any benzo withdrawal symptoms that I have but I want to make it as effective as possible because its not just PAWS I need to cure, its drowsiness (which is what led me to self medicate in the first place).

Also I'd imagine you'd need to make much smaller burns because there is only so much room in these various locations of the ear to make the burns.

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