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Dry Fasting / Deep waters
« on: March 13, 2016, 12:55:54 pm »
 "Before closing this chapter I want to make a nod to a particular cure of detoxification which includes a first phase of withdrawal from any liquid for two or three days, and a second step so modulated: you drink 1-2 liters of water to abruptly rehydrate the body and after the first urine output, one continues  to assume for 2-3 days at each urination  the same amount of water eliminated with urine.

This type of treatment can be repeated as needed or do and will.

Let's recap the mode of action of this method: during the dry phase, the blood, NOT receiving water from the outside, to compensate for the loss of water eliminated by the excretory organs, is forced to attaining it, always through the osmotic process mentioned before, from the extra-cellular serum.

This dehydration of the extracellular space, consequently, will draw water from the intracellular serum.
This fluid shift from cellular depths up to the surface layers will be all the more intense the bigger the shortage of water at  circulation  level.

The ascent of water from the depths, carries the toxins that otherwise would have remained deposited in cells and in extracellular space.

The next (to dry cure) taking of much water is then needed so as not to turn back the aforementioned toxins because of the relative dehydration of cells and the extracellular space.
 In fact with the frequent urination many of circulating toxins rising from deep tissue will come out of the body.

Another interesting, but little known mechanism of  detoxifying action, is represented by
ketonic acidosis, that during the dry cure is created in the extracellular space.

This acidosis boost, paradoxically is a positive thing, because it goes to dissolve the sticky toxins adherent to the walls of cell membranes. Without this solvent action of ketone acids produced during deprivation of nutrients, is not possible a complete cellular and tissue detoxification.

The failures of the usual detox treatments are determined by an excessive accumulation of sticky toxins at the tissue level that no amount of water is able to eliminate without the accompaniment of a liposolvent detergent. It has been shown that acidic water, especially if ionized has more power of dissolving fats.

A great program for tissue deacidification is done by the alternated intake
of alkaline ionized water and oxidized acidic water.

In Russia and Eastern Europe countries, doctors who treat with the ionized water, often prescribe the intake of oxidized acidic water.

The intake of a certain amount of acid plant foods and drinks is
useful to dissolve the sticky toxins produced from starches and saturated fats.
The fresh pineapple juice, for example, is among the most liposolvent substance.

For mixed deposits of organic and mineral substances (stones and calcifications) is useful the alternated intake of acidic and alkaline water. Whereas uric crystals are soluble with a decent amount of alkaline water.

(From an Italian book by Rocco Palmisano, 2014)

Video / Kambô Vídeo França (12 min)
« on: September 10, 2013, 07:56:54 am »
Unfortunately it is in french

Matses / Article of Peter Gorman JUNE 04, 2013
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:06:42 am »

Peter seems not aware that a mouth contact with the venom could be dangerous for the presence of that alleged "virus", as someone  reported somewhere on these forums.

Sharing of the Healers / Abscess
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:07:44 pm »
It happens I 've an abscess. Doctors prescribed antibiotics: fuck !
The abscess is healing quickly with oral propolis ( 1 drop x kilo of body weight), internal mouth application of Colloidal Silver + H2O2 and Nigella oil. Externally I apply Nigella and Clove Bud's oils.
Being on the upper dental arch it's difficult to apply mambè, but not impossible with a fresh leaf of salvia to keep the stuff in place long enough. At night the salvia leaf is folded to contain a bit of fresh garlic.

It happens also that the next Saturday we have the New Moon and it will be perfect to do Kambò.
I started thinking if an optimized application of  Kambò could help to solve better this ailment.
 Suggestion ?

Application / Morning or evening ?
« on: May 07, 2013, 04:54:40 am »
Someone knows if the appliacation of Kambò in the morning or in the evening has different consequences and aspects ?

In the morning it is more easy to have  an empty stomach, but is it the only advantage to apply the medicine in the early hours ?

Kambo & Other Sacraments / Mambe
« on: May 04, 2013, 06:27:33 am »
Mambe is an indigenious way ( Witoto, Colombia) to consume - chew - raw coca leaves, reduced in flour (= Mate de Coca).
It is considered a medicine for the speech, to channel and speak words of wisdom, light and power.

The Mambe activation(-> freebasing)  I've found optimal, it is obtained adding a 25% of carbonates, composed of 2:1:1 mix of [respectively] Calcium Carbonate:Sodium Bicarbonate:Potassium Bicarbonate.
The natives use withe ashes, or grinded and toasted shells, but then more than 25% is required for a good activation, because the farmaceutical carbonates  I suggested are more pure.
The two Bicarbonates are more reactive than the Calcium C.,  but are more altering the taste.
Calcium C. is a more weak base but does not add any flavour. CC also is almost not soluble in water and on the long run could create deposits in the body, whereas the  Bicarbonates are much  water friendly. That is why I mix them in that ratio.

Another traditional way - probably the best - to activate the Mate is using Ambil, which is an alkaline  "marmalade" made mostly with  tobacco. But Ambil is hard to find, it is produced in limited amount around Colombia ( or in Brazil it is called Jita )- the alternative is one has to make his own (there are recipes on Shaman Australis forum) given he is able to purchase a bunch of raw organic tobacco.

One vendor suggests to drink the Mate in the morning with grapefruit juice, but i find the Mambe method more comfortable to carry everywhere, even to share with others at wish, and suitable to adding other herbs.
For example San Pedro\Peyote flour  can be added to the Mambe mix at 10 or 20 % and used along the day, at least after the meals. One have to keep it in the mouth until it dissolves. Coca flour gives you a light 'friendly' anesthesia in the gum, whereas the cactus material when moisted swells and helps the coca to dissolve much slowly than it could happen without the cactus.

I've tried also to make a batch with powdered Voacanga Africana ( an  Iboga cousin) and it is good.

Mambe is a good medicine, but it is antinausea, so don't use it before kambò because it could undermine the purging process.

Someone suggested also to use Stevia as alkaline agent, but I've found these data which cut off that option:

Q: What is a pH level and what is the pH level of your Stevia products? Are your Stevia products acids or bases?
A: The pH level of a solution/element indicates its acidity. Solutions/elements with a pH of 0 to 6 are acids with a lower number indicating a higher acidity. Solutions/elements with a pH of 8 to 14 are bases (a.k.a. alkaline) with a higher number indicating a stronger alkaline (base) level. Solutions/elements with a pH of 7 are neutral, i.e. neither acid nor base (water has a pH of 7).
Stevioside (white powder) has a pH of +/- 6. That makes it an acid, but a very weak acid.
SteviaClear™ has a pH of about +/- 8. That makes it a rather weak base (alkaline). The combination of the +/- 6 pH of
Stevioside and 7 pH of water (the ingredients of SteviaClear™) make this alkaline.
Stevia Concentrate is also a weak alkaline (base) with a pH of about +/- 8.
Stevia Leaf (HoneyLeaf® powder) has a pH of about 6, which makes it a weak acid.
Based on these pH numbers our Stevia products are essentially neutral in their acidity. They all fall just shy of a pH of 7 on either the acid or base side.

If you read spanish is a good place to read the virtues of coca supplementation.
Coca in its raw form is useful for everyone's health and well being, but it 's mostly recommended for recovering from any debilitating illness.

I'm here quoting a personal message i received some days ago:
"...  coca leaves are herbally nutritious but are also central nervous system stimulants... so there is always the affect of them pulsing through the cells and the difference when they are not present.
What separates them from hard stimulants is the nutritional backup support from all the vitamins minerals, phyto nutrients, essential oils all woven into a bio-available plant matrix that supports the activation of these alkaloids without serious or detrimental down time or damage. "

here a couple of videos in spanish about Mambe: (here 1:1 is the ratio they use of  flour and ashes, but then they snort it ?!)

Here  you can find among the comments some useful and practical infos on Mate, orienting also on how to make your own Mambe.

Vamos a  mambeàr, hermanitos  !

General Discussion / Almost empty stick
« on: July 20, 2012, 05:36:57 am »
The stick I opened today, bought from Maya some months ago, had resin barely enough for 10 dots. I paid it about 60 euros, when the previuos stick I purchased from the same vendor the previous year was finished after at least 40 dots.
Do you think I've reasons to complain ?
Have you ever puchased sticks from Maya and how much dots they lasted ?

Video / Monkey-Frog at the Racetrack: Horse dope from the Amazon
« on: June 21, 2012, 06:09:56 am »
recent articles on the same topic:

"Racehorse trainers have been known to use other exotic substances including snake venom to improve horse performance and cheat at the tracks.  In addition to its analgesic effects, masking the pains of overexertion by horse or man, dermorphin appears to produce physiological excitement and euphoria.  Two of the horses testing positive for the substance in Louisiana had earned substantial purses, and according to Charles A. Gardiner III, executive director of the Louisiana Racing Commission, “A lot of money’s got to be given back.” 

If only such ill-gotten winnings could be returned to the Matses…"

Kambo & Iboga / Kambo & Iboga -VIDEOs
« on: June 20, 2012, 04:00:23 pm »

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