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Hi everyone.

I posted on another forum and don't think it was the correct place so thought i'd try and get your thoughts/opinions here.

I was a heroin addict then moved to poppy tea and stopped everything else (have been clean of heroin for a few months). Anyway, i am now very keen to come off the tea and live my life without opiates. I take the seeds out and blend then soak the straw in lemon (2 washes of 2 pods daily).

Someone I know who is experienced in kambo gave me the treatment (i was already in withdrawal), i gave it an intention and was a very intense experience. I was very sick and this went on for a few days. After, even though i'm not sure if i needed it i couldn't keep the poppy tea down anyway so i'm not sure if my extended sickness/purging was due to the kambo or opiate withdrawal.

I am now able to keep food and the poppy tea down and i need less then half as much to feel ok to this has been a good step. I am still feeling very tired and not myself. What do you think thats down to and where do you think i should go from here??



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