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Complementary Modalities / Ojé Resin
« on: August 21, 2014, 11:01:39 am »
Does anybody have experience with this resin?  It has my interest after seeing it administered to some folks in an ayahuasca documentary that I watched.  One man in particular seemed annoyed and was pushing and feeling all around the gut as he purged deeply, indicating that there was likely direct action being taken on the parasites and/or impacted crud in there.  It is supposed to purge both ends.

Anyone know anything about it?  This could possibly be a powerful complementary to Kambo.

General Discussion / The bowel purge and pathogenic biofilm
« on: August 09, 2014, 01:32:12 pm »
I am wondering if anyone has advice on where to apply to ensure an incendiary blast to the bowels?  Out of all the times that I've done kambo which is probably about 15-20, I've only had one session that resulted in a MEGA bottom end purge.  It happened just after I removed the dots and this was last summer or fall and I unfortunately didn't document and cannot recall where I had placed the points.

Any advice from a practioner or anyone else who has purged big from the bottom end would be much appreciated.  I have without a doubt a major biofilm issue (throughout the intestinal tract) which acts as a protective barrier for candida and possibly pathogenic bacteria.  This has caused a lot of problems... malabsorption being the most concerning.  Also, I can do multiple water enemas and release nothing but the water and small amounts of an actual film like substance.  Biofilms are a well-known issue for people with Lyme, however I have not been tested for that.  The (pathogenic) biofilms are now being understood to be involved in many infections as they are actually suspected to be produced by bacteria themselves so that they might guard themselves from onslaught by the immune system.  Here is one of many interesting articles on biofilms:

I would also be all ears if anyone has an enema forumla that might do the trick of "breaking through" so the real nasty stuff can come out. 

I recently started working with kambo again and my spirit is quite uplifted and I am ready to do what it takes to promote healing, in general.  In 2 weeks I will apply 3x over the course of one weekend and am willing to pretty much go to any lengths to maximize the benefits that this medicine has to offer, therefore, I will take any advice freely given as I am most definitely still a neophyte.

So yeah, I am after the BOWEL PURGE.  The last use of twice in one weekend resulted in some stirring up of the bowels, but not enough to get anything out. 


Well, I am geared up and ready to work with Kambo again after a little hiatus.  I would like to submit myself to your collective expertise, foremost Kambo experts of the cyber domain.

After years of inharmonious living (to a degree that continues to lessen), I am left with subpar immunity and digestion.  By all appearances, I am young, healthy and vibrant, however due to keen awareness and sensitivity of my own body, I am quite certain that my issue is with digestion (inability to properly digest fats) and immunity (liver not-so-good :().

I recently stopped eating flesh and had the almost immediate reaction of excreting something other-worldly foul.  As usual, I got all exited as if my problems would be instantly resolved (of course I know better than that though).  Also, I just overall feel better since cutting out meat.  Anywho, my digestion is definitely still compromised and the things that I am absolutely certain about:

 - There is a flourishing fungus within. The naturopathic buzzword is Candida, although I do not believe Candida to be a problem in and of itself, but rather a symptom of imbalance and shoddy immunity. 

-Adrenal glands are in terrible condition.  Stopped drinking coffee not too long ago, but still have 1 cup of Ilex Guayusa each morning.

-Leaky some extent.  When I eat, some of the undesirable content ends up in the bloodstream and hence some food allergies, i.e. creation and release of antibodies into blood.  Can cause itchy skin, eyes, painful joints, etc.

-Serotonin levels are low.  I was not depressed in my teenage years.  This depression is a direct result of all the drug use and abuse and I sometimes wonder if it can be corrected.  Weird thing, I am not depressed in spirit, it can be felt as a physical condition.  Iboga even showed me the red fireball neurons coming up the spine from the gut in a healthy functioning me.  I could see this as it happened and it is something that only occurs with serotonergic substances.  L-tryptophan works as well.

Now, I am not so much concerned with dietary advice as I work diligiently on that front, but....

I would like to know how to best use Kambo for a nice detoxification and huge boost in immunity.  It should be safe to say here that the body is totally self-healing and there are things that can remove blocks and supercharge the body (and spirit!) so that healing becomes inexorable.  Well, I truly feel KAMBO is the top dog in that department.

Plan is to use Kambo 3x, once per moon cycle over next ~3 months.  After this, planning to make contact with Aya spirit.

Any suggestions on how to best apply the Kambo?  Last time I did Kambo was May and just did 5 points on the shoulder and found it to be quite the rough ordeal.  I am willing to do 7 points to start (this Sat), but would say that's about all.

Not looking for any quick fixes, just a magical Kambo boost for an already healing being. 

Who can and can't do Kambo? / Snake Bite Antidote
« on: August 20, 2013, 11:35:12 am »
Well, what do you fellow enthusiasts think?  Would Kambo be effective along these lines?  I hike a lot and am wondering whether Kambo should be in the pack.

If bit by a venemous snake, could one apply Kambo to counteract?  If so, what would be the protocol for treating a Kambo naive individual?

"It is used to get rid of ‘panema’, the name they give to bad luck, as well as for ‘hunting magic’ and as a powerful medicine against snake bites, malaria, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases."

Kambô: Scientific Research and Healing Treatments
by Giovanni Lattanzi

Energy Cleansing (Treatment for "Panema") / Kambo tolerance......
« on: October 12, 2012, 06:49:06 pm »
sucks.  I did this session with the sole intention of cleansing negative energy.  I do believe much was acheived, but for the first time I really noticed that I am becoming quite tolerant.  7 dots on the arm and only a minor purge and not too much discomfort, although I did get the vibrations around the body (etheric/auric field).  I am very sensitive to that stuff and can tell that there was some scrubbing done.  I am now preparing myself for the post Kambo headache that usually sets least for me.  On the plus side, I usually sleep well after Kambo and definitely notice the energy increase in the days following.

I threw a little iboga in the mix this time, something that hasn't been in me since July.  600mg rb before, not feeling like taking any afterward.  I generally feel really good atm and the dots are pretty much dried up, so I'm going to stop typing and procede to remove them.

Still love me some Kambo.  It is special and I don't feel that way about many sacraments or entheogenic substances.

I went through my first day of work clean after 6+ years!  My ear (self) application was effective, although I think it will need to be done a few times.  I can feel the benefits waning a bit, although I am still in a pretty good space.

After experiencing this phenomenal healing, I have decided to go ahead tonight and hit two more points on each ear...the nicotine point and the anti-depressant point.  I know, that is only 4 small points, however I am positive that little can still be very effective with brain chemistry.  It will be a gentle experience I am sure and we will see if I can quit smoking (unadulterated tabacco of course);) and get some happiness :).  I am confident that it will be quite effective!

General Discussion / Dear Kambo and those who make it available to us...
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:38:08 pm »
thank you! :)

Journals / Ordeals / Auricular Kambo Experience
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:30:38 am »
Hi kambo friends,

Last night I did kambo on 6 ear (on each ear) acupuncture points.  Application was a bit difficult, but I got it right.  My heart rate elevated for 2 to 3 minutes, but then everything went straight to the brain (I could feel it there).  I did not purge, but was a bit naseous.  I left the sapo on for over an hour.  I did this for opiate PAWS primarily and I feel a little better this morning. :)

I do however have a slight headache and can feel pain in my right knee that I couldn't feel before.  Time will tell how effective this treatment was.

The burns on the ear were not that bad...just like burning anywhere else.  I did however use smaller points, but was sure to completely cover them with the sapo.

Anyway, here are the points that I used; it is the protocol:

I am also drinking a strong TCM herbal tea for the PAWS.  These things combined should help...I hope.  I will report back in a couple of days.

Much healing to all...

Who can and can't do Kambo? / Kambo and opiate receptors + SSRI
« on: July 31, 2012, 09:02:04 pm »
I am that my opiate receptors are clear is it possible that Kambo can aid in repair?  If so, is there any scientific data to back this up?

Also, will being on an SSRI present any problems?

If anyone knows please share.


Acupuncture & Acupressure / On the Kidney Meridian - KD8 to KD9
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:14:08 pm »
5 points were applied along this meridian and it took almost 3 minutes before my heart rate elevated and I became flushed, however when it did come on it was strong.  I wasted no time purging and after the initial purge I felt the need to get up on the couch and lay on my back with my arms around elevated knees.  This is when the bliss set in.  There was a strong vibration that seemed to be scanning my kidney area down to my root (chakra) area.  It moved slowly and the tingling sensation was incredibly strong and sensational.  I could even hear it.  Everything felt great and healing was taking place in the area that I know it was most needed.  I was sure that the purging was over, then out of nowhere a significant purge came up direct from the scan area.  I still felt very good during the purge and evenso afterward. 

This was a gentle loving Kambo experience through which I know much healing was gained.  Kambo 3 of 3 for me.

Journals / Ordeals / In the woods
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:01:04 am »
Doing Kambo deep in the forest amongst the tress, rivers, stones and mountains is an incredible experience.  The senses come to life (all 6) and connectivity to the natural surroundings is greatly enhanced.  It is easy to see why there are indigineous tribes that use this for the hunt.  Kambo is primal; gets me in touch with my true human nature. :)

Journals / Ordeals / Kambo respect
« on: May 05, 2012, 08:23:30 am »
More respect for this medicine is one thing that I took away from my first experience.

I had been ready to do this all week and had recently discussed the steps for self-administration with a more experienced practitioner.  When it was time to do it I had my 2 liters of water in me and I decided to pray, asking for the spirit of the shaman to come into the process to make sure everything goes smoothly, especially since I really did not know what I was doing.

Next, I made 5 burns on my upper right arm and they ended up being quite a bit bigger than originally planned.  After removing the dead skin, I proceeded to add water to the kambo stick.  This was my first time, so I somewhat aggressively scraped the excretions into good size globules, about the size of a typical bb.  I transferred these onto some palo santo and then lit some other palo santo.  What happened next really surprised me.

I thought for sure that I would struggle to apply the medicine, especially since I would be using my left hand.  It was almost uncanny how fast I was able to get the globules over the burn points with pin point accuracy.

30 seconds later my heart is racing and I feel it beating throughout my entire being.  After that I feel numbness in many different areas and just feel like laying down on my side, so I do.  Subsequently, my heartbeat goes from what seemed like 200 bpm down to 10bpm.  I thought it was about to stop and I was barely able to move still.  Instinctually, I wiped the kambo off of the burn points and I started to slowly feel better.  I did end up running to the bathroom, but not for a stomach purge ;).

After about 3 minutes I was feeling too well and realized that I was not going to purge properly.  I realized that I had made a mistake by wiping off the medicine, although, at the same time I feel it may have been what I needed to do since I probably applied much more than necessary.  It was a lesson for me that kambo is not to be taken too lightly.

I decided that I would try again and only use 3 burn points this time.  I reused the same burns; they were about an hour old.  I should note that I took a wet washcloth and scrubbed them abrasively to ensure that they were still open and usable.  I followed the same routine as before and applied the 3 dots.  This time it didn't set in so quickly and aggressively (although still intense enough with elevated hb and numbness), however I did end up purging pretty well.  I looked in the mirror and my face looked somewhat swollen and locked into an expression of utter disgust and bitterness (frog face?).  I would like to mention that I purged two different times, two different things.  The first time was gallbladder purgings and then 3 or 4 minutes later it was more liver.  It was obvious that these were two separate and distinct happenings and I found that somewhat strange.

Altogether, I think there was certainly a benfit to doing this as I felt like I had an increased supply of "clean" energy afterward and I still feel that the next day.  Also, I am sure I purged some stuff that needed to be purged.  It is a good start at least.  One thing that I learned is that it would not hurt to start small (3 dots), see what that does and add more if necessary.  I don't feel that I need to push it with kambo since I am quite sure that there is a benefit so long as you purge.  Next time, I might try to go a bit further just to deepen the purging and cleansing, but I sure as heck am not going to go right to 7 dots and be like "bring it on!", no this stuff is not to be toyed with.  I am not saying that only 3 dots did it for me since I know there was some cumulative effect since I already intoduced plenty of frog juice into my system, but I will say I think the 5 large dots were too much for me.

Plan is to do this again in 28 days, and yet again another 28 days after that.

Lastly, thanks for your help KP and best of luck to everyone pursuing the benefits of this wonder frog.

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