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General Discussion / Re: Kambo purging Marijuana
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:18:16 pm »
So glad it worked out!  I’d follow your inner guide and cut the Sarcosine out, definitely not required.  You might find that DMG works well though and it has no side effects in my experience and research.  I’ll follow up before long I hope as there are other supplements that have helped me of late too.  Just wanted to quickly answer your question.

General Discussion / Re: Kambo purging Marijuana
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:10:11 am »
Id look into using N-A-C in conjunction with Sarcosine for long term healing of anxiety and paranoia...

It’s funny how I/we search for the most obscure treatments when there are so many rather inexpensive supplements that can rapidly facilitate turning our switch on.

Introductions / Absence
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:01:30 am »
I apologize for being away for so long!  The age old adage of the healer must prioritize their own healing before lending advice comes to life with me.  I have not exactly managed the flury of this clamoring entheogenic social media with grace, therefore rather then to give ineffective advice I felt a need to go dormant until such time as spirit permitted communication.  In the space in between I’ve learned that prioritizing healing and developing skills outside of the medicine practice is the only way to develop the proper support to facilitate long term homeostasis.  I’m working on that process little by little. 

Thanks for everyone keeping this alive!

Know that everything you need you already have, now just expel what’s no longer useful.  Kambo is a divine tool but always know that you must compliment it with all of your being and intention to make its gifts come to life. 

General Discussion / Re: Kambo purging Marijuana
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:54:06 am »
I have experience with this!  The answe is yes it works very well to purge from the resin toxins accumulated through smoke of any sort.  I’d recommend hitting the lung acupuncture points on your arms for the most easy and efficient application.  It may take a while to get the muck out.  Nothing can really be scientifically proven in terms of bile expectorant but in my subjective experience I felt like most of the resin build up came out after the first time I purged black bile for some time.  In other words I’m sorry to report that the most toxic chemicals (nothing smells or resonates more dark/negative to me than the essence of resin) is buried deep in our organism. 

Congratulations on such a noble and mature intention, I wish you well!

General Discussion / Re: Using Kambo to attract.
« on: April 12, 2016, 02:06:02 pm »
Intention.  Hard to put into a formative explanation also it must have to do with pheromones as we know it is used to disguise the scent of the hunter. 

I've used it for meeting my current wife so can say it works.  It also works quite well to find new jobs and other quests of the soul.  Just need to put it to heart and/or paper and really focus on that being the goal.  Kambo works like a solid meditation of substance where you speak with your higher self/God/Divine and get a clear answer in return.  It's easy to doubt the answer though as the world of mundane existence (the matrix) is always attempting to sabotage the miracles of life. 

Application / Re: Taking Kambo alone first time
« on: April 12, 2016, 02:02:19 pm »
The question i still have is if it recommendable to have 2 sessions in a day or should the second session the second day?

That all depends on your recovery and what you're capable of doing.  It's hard to firmly plan these things especially when you're yet to experience such a formidable force of nature.

About the dosage. I don't need to measure it in someway? It will naturally bee dots that fits in one burn mark?

Unfortunately these are very hard questions to answer as it is ultra customized and many variables are circumscribed to those questions.  The dots should be flush with the burn marks.  Most use way to much medicine for the size of the burns and even still the burn marks people make vary to a great degree. 

Application / Re: Taking Kambo alone first time
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:54:12 am »
Maybe too late but 7 dots is in general a very high amount for a first time session.  A lot depends on your size and overall constitution (sturdiness in handling powerful medicines).  Don't want to have too frightening of an introduction, it's already quite intimidating so best to mitigate the intensity by making it a moderate first time introduction.  Personally I don't have much to say anymore for self treatments but I'm glad others can pick up the slack.

I really wouldn't recommend microdosing Iboga for any symptoms of anxiety for it could trigger panic attacks.  I don't have any experience with the TA tincture however so I can't speak on that, I believe it would be safer as it seems to be more of a homeopathic than traditional microdosing of RB. 

A flood is a different story and is able to 'handle' such symptoms. 

General Discussion / Re: No Ejaculation 3 days after Kambo
« on: October 22, 2015, 03:33:58 pm »
Kambo's way too libido enhancing for that to be practical ime

General Discussion / Re: kambo soon after aya?
« on: October 22, 2015, 03:32:13 pm »
i had the most visionary experience ever drinking Aya only one hour after Kambo, I don't recommend it but it was unforgettable, memorable,life changing, beautiful and terrifying all in one successive moment.  I honestly think i could have died as the rainbows i purged for an hour were so gut wrenchingly deep.  I sang the whole time in order to stay on the bright side.  Again i don't recommend it but...someday i must try again.

For a while i md'd b4 aya w/kambo to assert a forcefield of protection, works well. 

The Glow (After Effects and Affects) / Re: Protocol Question
« on: October 09, 2015, 05:03:12 pm »
I don't recommend Sananga or Hape as this could exacerbate your anxiety.  I do recommend the Wim Hof method of breathing and/or Holotropic.  You can also see if it's toxins stuck by doing a series of enemas preferably with calming herbs.  Your on a needles edge so be grounded, get sleep and don't do anything excessive.

Diet before and after / Re: Not feeling great after two of three sessions
« on: September 18, 2015, 03:40:51 am »
I concur that the Kambo could have gone further to eliminate well hidden toxins that the peptides so inherently dislodge in our receptors.  If purging is thorough but not severe (once yellow bile begins can take off dots to reduce prolonged intensity) recovery is generally smooth and resolute upon the next waking day.  But if a treatment was not 'perfect' in exactitude of surgical administration then recovery is unpredictable whether too severe or too weak.  Stirring up the toxins without fully expunging them a large reason for unreliable recovery rates in my opinion. 

Also I like to do enemas afterwords as well as drinking a ton of spring water and of course Mambe goes without saying.

So I've finally mastered this with the Mambe + Ambil + Alkaline Minerals/Angstrom Minerals/Ionic Minerals to create an alkaline environment in the mouth making it possible to extract all available alkaloids.  Over a one week trial so far I estimate this process along with soaking the Iboga RB in high alkaline solutions with essential oils 50-200x stronger.  The effects are so amazing I'm almost tempted to shut up about it. 

Thanks to the contributers and especially Peaceful Warrior for giving me the path to take on this successful development.  Truly a miracle.

Journals / Ordeals / Re: The Kambô, Iboga, Ayahuasca Spiritual Fast Track
« on: February 01, 2015, 10:40:50 am »
After some sincere reflection and space away from forums I have to apologize for my conduct.  No censorship.  Sorry again for the threat or insinuation there of.

At the same time this forum and others like it walk the tight rope between practical and genuine application and trendy fascinations of what is hip.

I will always be attempting to weed out the wheat from the chaff as I certainly don't think anyone benefits from the exploitation of the sacred.  The vegan lifestyle and even more so the raw food lifestyle and propoganda by the authorities in those fields is a fine example of this.  The thread title in this one is even a better example and we or I need to press upon people that there is no fast track w/o practical hands on application.  If you can be in samadhi when're you decide but can't pay your bills you've done nothing of value in my opinion.  We've been brought up in this entheoculture to look up to Sadhus and Ayahuasqueros but have often forgotten to be practical in order to succeed with lasting happiness. 

It's a whole mind warp in my opinion and the Huxleys and McKenneas that popularized a lot of this psychedelic craze and to detest meat eaters were operatives for the beast.  Jan Ervin of Gnostic media though he's an a-hole continually exposes the psychedelic agenda and to me it puts a lot of the pieces together.  We all chose our programming and it's always good to check there origins.  I use to listen to this podcast by a guy named Alan Watts (not the zen guy) where he was continually exposing the melding of the vegan and psychedelic culture to make children detest there parents and break apart families.  It all makes sense to me as this is what I did unconsciously in my younger years. 

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