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Title: I'd like to know more
Post by: avendagold on June 22, 2012, 09:01:34 am
I've seen the title of this link but there's no information yet so I thought I'd start a thread to find out more.

I'm interested in doing 2 or possibly 3 Kambo sessions consecutively but what exactly are the benefits of the 2 treatments within a short time frame?
Title: Re: I'd like to know more
Post by: JaguarIX on June 22, 2012, 04:55:29 pm
I haven't done Kambo yet but plan on doing 3 sessions together one hour a part my first time. I've heard that it will really strengthen your immune system beyond anything else doing it like that. I also heard it's a good idea to slightly increase the dosage by one or two dots each time.
Title: Re: I'd like to know more
Post by: Kambogahuasca Panacea on June 22, 2012, 11:16:41 pm
As Kambo is a synergy and catalyst with any medicine so it is with itself as well.  Also I would like to affirm my convictions whether for better or worse a subjective take on this pinnacle of medicines and sacraments...it is for the magical spiritual affinity that I regard Kambo.  The immune enhancing although of interest is no longer even important on my list of benefits that Kambo brings.  Note that this is just my subjective opinion and for what I get from Kambo.  It is to in effect become a healer as Kambo (the Phyllomedusa Bicolor) is the highest "Shaman" Curandero (Paje' in the Kaxinawa language) that it is granted nomination in view of Pachamamas choice gift for humanity.  But also please understand Kambo is my allie in particular and way to connect with the natural elements within my root of being.  Whereas others (even the great Giovanni) rank other medicines such as Iboga and Ayahuasca as higher than Kambo, more and more I associate Kambo with the highest healing ability physically yes, but more so spiritually and naturally.

To become your ancestor natural self of long ago future.  Not to be overly dogmatic, just my subjective.  Taking multiple  amounts within a short period fuels the cells and multiplies the effects quantifiably and even qualitatevily.  Done proper of course which is key.

Not to be figured out with the mind or measured with the left side of the hemisphere in the brain.  Instead to let Kambo do it's justice within the cosmology of the self. 

Miracles beholden to the creator
Title: Re: I'd like to know more
Post by: JaguarIX on June 22, 2012, 11:39:04 pm
KP - Do you think I have a better chance of healing my third eye with Kambo as opposed to Iboga or Ayahuasca? So far the healing has be on the level of 2 or 3 %  improvement in vision over the course of a couple years...
Title: Re: I'd like to know more
Post by: Kambogahuasca Panacea on June 23, 2012, 09:58:32 am
I feel that Kambo will be the best option especially if done on the governer's vessel meridians.  Ones on the spine are good, but careful with those as they are ultra potent in the nervous system, will need less dots.  I feel that Kambo will open you up and then either Ayahuasca (brewed using Muricata as your vine) or Iboga (have you tried microdosing 30 days in a row yet?) will do the trick. 

Again, if Kambo cured my migraines (temples) I really feel it can heal your third eye.  Have you tried flexing your third eye?  If you need I can send over pictures via e-mail of how to do it.  Over time it makes the third eye stronger, I didn't learn about it from anywhere, it was something that happened naturally one time when I did Kambo and had had 2 grams of Iboga 2 hours before.  It just happened and ever since I keep practicing.

I would need your e-mail pm'd to me if you want me to do so, or I have the lists here and if I had your permission I will end you some photos.


Title: Re: I'd like to know more
Post by: caiano on June 25, 2012, 02:08:38 pm
Hi, KP !
please forward also to me that material .
Much thanx