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Title: How to do a test "Dot"
Post by: maxkat on May 11, 2020, 06:32:46 am
Hello guys,

Nice forum you have here wit a lot of useful information.

I have my first Kambo set coming in. I planned my first ceremony but it was cancelled dua to Corona and now I decided to have a go at it myself. A lot of info I was able to gather from the forum but for now the handeling of the test dot is a question. i could be that simple as just make a single dot with someone to help out if needed (allergic reaction). Looks like that but you know, I am pretty Noob still so big chance thast I need to think of some thing.

So these items I can think of :

Do I need to be sober? Sober as in the way that I do the test on a empty stomach? (excuse my English)

How are the time frames, do I test one day an if everthing is ok for 24hr (example) do a session the next day?

How big a dot do I make? I ordered a Kambo set with the sticks and the Dragon Blod from Maya. is it ok to use the specific stick and press it 3 seconds to get the right dot for a test? (scrape the dead skin after).
I estimate that for a test I dont need to drink the 2L of water.

For estimating the amount of venom I was thinking of using 2 drops of water and scrape a test dosage. Woudl that be a good amount or maybe one drop?

Hope you experts can give me some guidance, thanks in advance!   :D

Title: Re: How to do a test "Dot"
Post by: maxkat on May 13, 2020, 07:46:42 am
Reply to myself for this post.

After reading some more I decided to take the below test steps whre my spouse helped.

Cut of pieces of the burnstick so the width is about 1/2 the size of a "normal" dot. (make smaller burn for test)
Prepare a small amount of venom.
Test the venom without a dot on the skin.
Maken the smaller dot (burn and scrape dead skin) and put the venom in the dot.
When finished I applied the Dragons Blood for better healing.

I guess that if someone is allergic even a small amount would point that out. Seems that I am not allergic  :)

Now exactly knowing what kind of sensations to look for I felt a slight uncomftable feeling and some tingeling in the arm. The skin around the dot was a little irritated (slightly swollen) and I could feel it that afternoon/evening (seems logical after a burn).   

Test succeed  ;)