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Title: Simplest and Powerful Breathing Technique
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I found this simple method the most useful.

Title: Re: Simplest and Powerful Breathing Technique
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Deep breathing oxygenates the body, which in turn alkalinizes the acidity of the body.

Kox, and his adviser, physician and study co-author Peter Pickkers, also at Radboud University Medical Center, invited Hof to their lab to investigate how he would react to their standard inflammation test. It involves exposure to a bacterial toxin, made by Escherichia coli, to induce temporary fever, headache and shivering.

To Kox’s surprise, Hof’s response to the toxin was milder than that of most people — he had less severe flu-like symptoms, for example, and lower levels of inflammatory proteins in his blood.

Next came the latest study, which included 24 volunteers. Half of them traveled to Poland to undergo Hof’s training program, which included swimming in frigid water and lying bare-chested in the snow, as well as breathing and meditation exercises. The recruits returned to the Netherlands and underwent the inflammation test, performing their breathing exercises as they received their toxin injections. The other 12 volunteers underwent the test without any training.

On average, recruits who underwent training by Hof reported fewer flu-like symptoms than those who did not. Trained recruits also produced lower amounts of several proteins associated with inflammation, and higher levels of an inflammation-fighting protein called interleukin-10.

Kox suspects that the breathing techniques were the biggest contributor to suppressing inflammatory responses. Thirty minutes after starting the breathing exercises — but before the toxin had been injected — trained participants began to produce more adrenaline, a hormone involved in stress and immune responses.